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Double Negative: Eye-Opening Study Shows People Are More Racist Toward Black People During a Recession

A new psychology paper finds that people’s subconscious racial biases worsen when they are made to feel that economic resources are scarce.

Video by The Young Turks

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34 thoughts on “Double Negative: Eye-Opening Study Shows People Are More Racist Toward Black People During a Recession

  1. Carolyn Holloway says:

    Eye opening to who? Black people knew this was in the works in 2009.

  2. Darvelle Levy says:

    It's never off the menu! Always in SEASON — recession or not.

  3. Farntella Graham says:

    capitalism and racism go hand in hand. they are two sides of the same dirty coin. the racism in the heart of white people is their burden. they fan the flames of racism everyday. americans were suppose to be over their problems with my skin color. we went thru the civil rights era but they will pull the race card whenever they need to divert attention. this is not subconscious. this is part of the emotional makeup of the white race. I want to live in a country where the majority of people are my color. God gave everybody their home to live in and we are not suppose to live with people of other races. it was never meant to be. white people violate the very laws of nature.

  4. DC Price says:

    This has been the status quo in America for centuries. When the POTUS took office the first time, I said we are going catch hell. We did and we are.

  5. Dale Collins says:

    I call that subtle or covert racism . You get laid off when people with less seniority in your department is still working .you get denied a loan just because of the color of your skin . Some whites fell if they do bad blacks should do worse .

  6. lastly ,if I made something then it's obvious that I would knew what it is capable of since I would have been the one that designed it, and looking at this scenario and the plight of the black race in western societies ,it is fair to see that white people does what they do because they confidently knew that they molded us into what we became , we does what they does to us, to other race and culture.

  7. John Lindsay says:

    Rather elementary. :/

  8. John Lindsay says:

    Rather elementary. :/

  9. Farntella Graham says:

    don't give me this crap about racism-white supremacy being sub-conscious. white people are fully conscious of their racism/white supremacy and why they treat Black people the way they do. WTF does "stereotypically black, mean?" you white devils pulled that race card back out after all the work done during the civil rights era and dr, king. this country is disgusting. how did the conservatives of this country allow this shit to resurface? white people are BAD, they are cruel and evil.

  10. Wow. Is that an eye-opener for them? Really? Our eyes been open to it even when there is no recession. And I didn't just catch on to it in 2009, either. It was happening LONG before that.

  11. Martial BrotherKnowledge Lee says:

    Cause… you know… subconscious racism isn't a real thing unless a white person "discovers" it to be.


  12. Traci Estep says:

    I can't get mad at you because you are truly right. Caucasians came here on a boat in the late 1500s early 1600s, they keep thinking that no one was here when they came.

  13. Before Columbus: How Africans Brought Civilization to America – you may want to do more research on mankind traveling from Africa.

  14. For the record as a women even if a clean cut white guy walks behind me at an ATM I still look twice and behave cautiously some of it is because I believe white men are the main predators when it come to rapes and kidnappings and some to let them see what it feels like to be stereotyped.

  15. John Lindsay says:

    @Joel 'Ohi'alehua.

    JL: I have always supported social justice efforts for ALL People of Color(African-, Asian- & Latino/a-Americans and Native "Americans").
    There was NO REASON to post a smart-alecky response like that.
    If you're living in Texas, you're living on land that was once owned by Mexico.
    Soooooo….YOU'RE not home, TOO.
    Mexico used to own the entire southwestern part of the U.S., i.e., California, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, etc…..until White Amerikkkans took it from them via the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1854.

    African Americans were forcibly brought here…..although SOME "….Came Before Columbus"….see "They Came Before Columbus: The African Presence in Ancient America (Journal of African Civilizations) Paperback – September 23, 2003.
    by Ivan Van Sertima (Author).

    And by the way, smartazz, will your White wife be returning to Europe, too?
    More than likely, I bet you've been PASSING FOR WHITE for all of your life….but now wants to "talk and act" like First People.
    Bull crap.
    Many of my "Native" friends to whom I showed your message, very much disagree with your insolence.


  17. Rats in a cage with limited resources.

  18. UH…most of black folks had no choice as to coming here and this is the only home they know. Here before or along with the first EUeans who came here.

  19. Just watch how many shows are on TV with true stories of rape and kidnappings and you will see very few are about black men.

  20. John Lindsay says:

    More than likely, your "Black friends" are under-educated."

  21. John Lindsay says:

    By the way, Joel, I just shared your "Illusion of Choice" post on Facebook about how a few people control 90% of what 277 million Americans hear on the radio, read in newspapers & other publications, see on TV, etc.

    Hence, your words above are definitely out-of-line with the insight provided by "Illusion of Choice."


  22. Marsee your school is named after the first imperial wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

  23. Yeah cuz black people totally had a choice in whether they came here or not… *rolls eyes*

  24. That's funny considering new studies show Africans were here first and that native americans migrated to america from asia, and geneticist linked asians to all have african ancestry lol. So if you want blacks to go back to africa pack yo bags too

  25. J-Wyze Beatz says:

    Douglas MrMailman Byrd Exactly. He has no clue that Chinese (Mongolian) people came to America and mixed with Black people that were already here, which who are the original Native Americans.

  26. Mimi Brooks says:

    That's a pretty ignorant statement. (i.e. Black people go "back" to Africa) First of all modern african americans where born and raised in the United States and know NOTHING about africa. There is nothing to go "back" to and our ancestors where brought here by ships, why don't you educate yourself before you make dumb ass comments. How bout I tell you to go back to your teepee on your ancestral lands? Oh right you cant because its all owned by the White run government and your face is represented as a mascot for sports teams. If you are born and raised in the US you've got to learn about your own culture and the cultures around you to get along and understand people. We don't have to be friends but as long as people like you remain ignorant making statements like you did, we will never progress as a society, as a whole.

  27. I am coming to believe that modern racism is kept alive as a competitive advantage for those who need to claim resources as their own. This totally reinforces that view.

  28. No. It worsens when you brain wash a bunch of people into rioting all over the country. Then start posting articles like "why white people are all racist even if they think they aren't" which makes any black person that reads that feel victimized. When they have that attitude, they lash out at white people as the reason for their problems, which in turn makes white people more scared around blacks. The media is doing this, we almost had racism completely defeated until the last few years where the media awakened it for political reasons.

  29. If Europeans hadn't taken the land, the French would have. Or the Mexicans. Maybe even the Spanish. Either way, that's what happens when your civilization is behind the rest of the world in innovation and medicine. Plus, most natives died from sicknesses from europe they weren't immune to. As far as blacks coming to America, they were sold by THEIR OWN PEOPLE in Africa to us for supplies. They were enslaving themselves, you can look it up. Not that this is a good part of history but if anything blacks should be happy they were brought to a land where some day they'd have more opportunity than anywhere else in the world.

  30. Or people are legitimately upset by the blatant social disparages that exist in the country and decide they want to use their constitutional rights. Your rhetoric is neither unique nor new as it pays homage to several racialist notions that are prevalent throughout American society. Sadly, with the advent, your words fall upon deaf ears as facts and research (as the video showed) shows a troubling trend towards the way many whites perpetuate this problem. I do commend you on attempting to conflate protesting with rioting though. Racism still exists through individuals like yourself who cater to a "diet" version rather than an overt "In your face" discrimination.

    If you don't know why your own statements contribute to this then I'd suggest that you take some time with introspection and then educate yourself.

  31. Andrew Allen Owens -Who are Europeans in your comment? French and Spanish are Europeans. Mexicans are the people who reside in, or come from, Mexico and are descendants of Spanish and Native American relationships. Yes, people in Africa did sell some people from other tribes that had been conquered in war, as was done in other areas. After some time though, the slave trade no longer purchased people from Africa and just stole them. Sadly, many blacks have not had more opportunity here, but thanks for the thought.

  32. @Crystal Hardy unfortunately that's how things were in the south we fought on several different occasions and just recently not sure if it was the extra attention we got from CNN but the name has been changed though unfortunately most of my school memorabilia has as this persons name on it but least after petitions and all we finally were able to get the name changed!

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