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6 thoughts on “You’ll Be Shocked by What This Harvard Doctor Says Racism Does to Your Health

  1. Justin Kunsurn C says:

    So so true….its mentally draining for a law abiding black man to deal with the constant reality of discrimination, automatic suspicion, has someone ever cross the street when they see you on the same sidewalk, latch car door when you walk by, walk behind you in a store etc etc etc etc etc etc…….

  2. Iam Love says:

    Please back up your statement….

  3. Clay Black says:

    Brotha, yes sir yes sir. It most definitely messes with the mental. When you sense that automatic suspicion, thats the main one in my opinion.

  4. Kevin Romans says:

    @Yannick.. still waiting!

  5. I stand by my statement…..race has nothing to do health ……your health is base on the on way you live and eating well race play no part in that

  6. Levi Batiste says:

    Knowledge is Power…

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