8 Shocking Statistics That Prove Racism Is Alive And Thriving In South Africa



Land Ownership

In 1994, at the end of apartheid, almost 90 percent of the land in South Africa was owned by white South Africans. In 2006, 70 percent of South Africa’s land was still owned by whites, despite promises by the African National Congress to redistribute 30 percent of the land from whites to Blacks.  Recently, government officials announced that the 2014 deadline for shifting one-third of the country’s land from white farmers to Black residents has been postponed until 2025.


Orania_south africa

White-Only Towns

In the northern cape, there is a small town called Orania that is occupied entirely by whites only. The town’s ultimate objective is to create an Afrikaner majority in the northwestern cape by encouraging the construction of other such towns, with the eventual goal of an Afrikaner-majority in the area and an independent Afrikaner state between Orania and the west coast; also known as a Volkstaat.

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