5 Heated Debates About Hair That Are Dividing Black Women


Black-Group-of-Girls-Women-FriendsIs the Debate Necessary?

Another argument emerging from the natural hair debates is over whether or not the debate itself does more harm than good.

Many of the women involved appreciate the debate because it helps women learn and educate themselves on the various aspects of the movement.

Others argue that the debate is not fruitful and that the focus should be on the important cultural change in attitudes toward Black hair, something Black woman on all sides can appreciate.

Clutch magazine writer, Shahida Muhammad, asserts, “Instead of debating on what’s better, let’s applaud the fact that we now have options in hair care that will inspire the next generations of Black girls to embrace their hair in ways that suit their preferences, and not imposed social ideals.”

A Curlcentric.com guest writer’s article titled, I Hate the Natural Hair Movement, reads:

“The elitist feeling that is growing with the natural hair movement is just another way for us to divide. It smacks of all of the superficial marks of superiority we have lived by for so long. Light skin, dark skin, good hair, bad hair and now natural or relaxed hair. Enough already. We need to stop finding ways to exclude each other and work to be a stronger more prosperous Black community no matter how we look.”

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