15 Most Interesting Facts About Maya Angelou You May Not Have Known


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She Married Twice to White Men

Despite all the racial taboos of the time, Angelou married a Greek sailor named Enistasious ”Tosh” Angelos in 1951, but after four years, they divorced.

In 1973, Angelou married Welsh carpenter  Paul du Feu, an ex-husband of Australian feminist activist Germaine Greer. They were married in San Francisco.  Although Angelou described their marriage as “made in heaven” in her second book of essays Even the Stars Look Lonesome (1997), she and du Feu divorced in 1981.

She had a relationship with South African civil rights activist and attorney Vusumzi Make in 1961, but never formally married him.


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She Was a Calypso Singer and Dancer

In 1957,  Angelou recorded a calypso album, “Miss Calypso.”  Two years later, she performed in an off-Broadway review that inspired the 1957 film “Calypso Heat Wave,” where she sang her own compositions.

During that time, while performing in San Francisco nightclubs as a calypso singer and dancer, she met and teamed up with dance legend Alvin Ailey to form the modern dance performing duo “Al and Rita.”

The pair never hit it big, so they eventually decided to go their separate ways.

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