8 Insincere Apologies for Racist Statements Besides Donald Sterling’s


Dr. Laura Schlessinger at Conservative SeminarDr. Laura Schlessinger 

Conservative talk radio commentator Dr.  Laura Schlessinger, wasn’t known for sugarcoating advice to callers on her show. But in 2010, her response to a Black woman seeking help dealing with her in-laws’ racism wasn’t just insensitive, it was racially insensitive.

Schlessinger suggested the caller was “hypersensitive” and went off on an unrelated tangent about some Black Americans’ use of the N-word — all while freely using the slur herself 11 times on the air.

The radio host backtracked later in the day and issued an apology on her blog, but her apology was undercut by her defensive comment. “I was attempting to make a philosophical point,” she wrote.

She also apologized the next day on air, but Nita Hanson, the caller who was attacked in Schlessinger’s tirade, questioned the motivation and sincerity of radio host’s apology. Hanson said in a CNN interview that Schlessinger’s statements came as a result of being “caught.”

Schlessinger’s apology was also weakened when she announced she would end her radio show in 2010 because she did not want to be censored: “I have made the decision not to do radio anymore. I want to regain my First Amendment rights. I want to be able to say what is on my mind, ” she declared.


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