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11 thoughts on “Painful to Watch: White Scholar Details Sadistic Acts of Violence Committed by White Mob Lynching Black Man

  1. Even today the world has no joy… until We are spiritual Awakened!

  2. Chinedu Osuagwu says:

    Yeah,we don't need to live there. We just have to pretend it happened a long time ago and things are different now!! Is that the "Joy" and "Happiness" you are so excited about?!! History tells our story so we are constantly aware of who we are and what we've been through as a result. Your mindset is that of most black folks who find one way or the other to block out our history and replace it with superficial "Joy" and "Happiness" as an escape from reality!! If it happened before,it can happen again!! And that's why we should be on the lookout and remain vigilant,rather than hide behind empty platitudes and slogans!!

  3. Chinedu Osuagwu says:

    Well,we might not be in the mood for "Revenge" but what strategy or plan do we have in place to prevent this from re-occuring in this era or age?!! Praying,screaming,hollering,jumping up and down,speaking in tongues in every church we can find is not a "Strategy" and neither does it give us any leverage!!

  4. Tony Connor says:

    Martes Mar , you are acting like this is all ok. How can you not rehash the evils from the past and not apply it to what is happening today? We have only touched the surface of what we can actually do and be, remember, the first people on this earth was of African descent, had businesses and running our own society until we allowed this evil to come into our lives, everything they touch or is a part of turns for the worst, so no, we can never forget and only a handful of people such as yourself would need these devils around us to survive

  5. Phil Davis says:

    you're an ignorant dumbass, please grow up and educate yourself.

  6. Janet Holmes says:

    Very well said

  7. Pam A Jack says:

    its easy for white people to move on and away from this because its not them hanging from the tree. Guarantee if there was in anytime white people was at the end of that noose ;it will still be today top news story.

  8. Stuart Jackson says:

    Tells you a lot about a people that could do this, and act like it never happened. This is only a bit of the crime, think of what they did to the Natives, and the Africans they held as captives in the Diaspora. This is why they cling to their Guns, they fear payback for this SHIT.

  9. Stuart Jackson says:

    Chinedu Osuagwu Exactly, they are still crying over OJ, they always want us to move on, and forget, that SHIT is out of the question, they will blow up people in other Countries, and drag us along, while denying, they are really the ones at fault here and abroad. The Wars in the Middle East, are partly to blame from the people and policies of the people in the video.

  10. Joe Huggins says:

    These are the REAL "animals" and "thugs".

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