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12 Great African Women In History You Should Know


NEITHHOTEPNeithhotep, circa 3200 BCE, is credited as the first queen of Kmt (ancient Egypt), cofounder of the First Dynasty, and the earliest African queen whose name is known. You could even say that she reigns as a kind of godmother of Kmt—the greatest nation in the ancient world.

Neithhotep means the goddess “Neith is Satisfied.” Neithhotep’s dynastic marriage to King Narmer represents the start of the Early Dynastic Period of Kmt and the unification of the Two Lands of Lower and Upper Kmt.  Neithhotep’s name was found in several locations, particularly at ancient Naqada and in the general vicinity at the site of the royal tombs in Umm el-Qaab. Her titles were “Foremost of Women” and “Consort of the Two Ladies.” Both were titles given to queens during the First Dynasty of Kmt.

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