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17 Ignorant Questions Black People Are Tired Of Hearing

Although many people like to perpetuate the idea that we live in a post-racial world or one that is now interconnected, most are still relatively ignorant when it comes to dealing with Black people. Because of a lack of day-to-day experiences with Black people, negative exposure in the media, and old mindsets, many stereotypes still persist today.

Here are some questions that Black people are sick and tired of hearing:

hairIs that your real hair?

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7 thoughts on “17 Ignorant Questions Black People Are Tired Of Hearing

  1. Dee Baham says:

    here is a question 4 U oprah, D way U phrased a question about black people, R U not black anymore? & if U answer this question as being ignorant as U say other black people ask then, myself & countless other has our answer of what we asked U that we already knows. I started 2 pass up your question that U asked but, I said" I will give U D benefit of D doubt & ask a question with a question.. I hope my grammer is ok 4 yah!!

  2. Hureal Shelton says:

    Oh, zipit

  3. Sundiata Keita says:

    the answer to all these questions is "FU*K YOU CRACKAH, WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT?!"

  4. Black folks are guilty of making some of these off the wall statements too. Just the other day, talking to my grandchild principal, about a man picking up his child from school drunk, in describing him, she said, the man with the good hair. Now this black man had semicurly/straight hair, and she said, good hair. This is a black principal folks. I was thrown off, I did not know blacks talk like that anymore. Good thing I try to keep to myself as much as possible, I can't handle these folks.

  5. Kevan J Wisdom says:

    You know what? these questions might ignore us, but all it shows is that other races do not really know who we are. And if they learn about us the same way they teach us their culture these question would not be asked…. I wonder how they would like it if I asked them if they smell like a dog when they get wet? I bet they would not take that well…

  6. Zeondra Gayle says:

    Heck, I've gone to churches where people cry and scream….. and shake, and fall on the floor and shake some more, and talk loud gibberish, and shake and jump up some more. <just saying>

  7. Untill man understand himself, there will always be bs to talk about, u cannot be fooled by stupidity of people, or race, if your a human act like one, not like the animals.

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