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Perez Hilton Compares Black Women to Hitler on Twitter

2012 MuchMusic Video Awards - ArrivalsLast night, gossip blogger Perez Hilton took a break from grinding up other human beings and turning them into money to declare on his Twitter feed,  “Inside every gay man is a fierce Black woman!”

To which Black women of the Internet responded:


When confronted with the fact that Black women are neither cute accessories whose identities white people are free to take on and off at will, nor homogeneous sassy ghosts whose sole function in life is to inhabit the shells of gay men and make them outrageous, Hilton has been predictable — offering up such defensive classics as, “I AM genuinely hurt/saddened. Go back to your superiority complex and overreacting,” “I didn’t attack. They did,” “The whole overreaction has really bummed me out. :-(,” “I only apologize in life if it’s with sincerity. I’m not sorry,” “I’m not racist,” “They should probably just ignore me and/or stop reading my tweets then.”

And:  “Some present logical arguments, but then Hitler attempted to justify the holocaust too.”


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10 thoughts on “Perez Hilton Compares Black Women to Hitler on Twitter

  1. I don't see anything wrong with what he said..i mean we are fierce and admired.

  2. Shoulda never evn reply to this bulla and his stupid comments!!Now he getting more attention!!

  3. Pamala Brooks says:

    He's right, we should ignore him lol. On top of that, his comment is true though. Why is it that flamboyant gay men act like black women that have bad attitudes? Lol. Om not offended, because for whatever reason, they find us fierce enough to imitate, but his follow up comment was a bit over board … bit what do you expect from someone that has nothing better to do with his time that ridicule others. He's made a career out of making off color comments and throwing verbal punches below the belt lol. I'm just saying, he is not relevant to anything important for is to get upset. Its like an ant to a giant…we're above that.

  4. Pamala Brooks says:

    Excuse the typos

  5. I have to respond to this freak, as a black woman. He has a good reason for saying, "inside every gay man, is a fierce black woman". My ex told me, when he use to worked with many white males, a white male told him, in the white community, the secret was, they are told by other white males, they are not really a man until they have had sex with a black woman". Now if this is true, and he thinks a fierce black woman is inside of him, then he is probably hoping white males will come looking for him. Let me add, Perez Hillton, I don't think they would want a substitute for the black woman like you. Ok, now go pick on some of your freaky friends. Leave the black woman along, I am sure there are many other people, you can choose to annoy, why you wish to pick on black women? Those people who sit around and listen to you, need to get a life. I caught this nonsense in passing .

  6. The fact that if one black woman has a bad attitude, we all do. It's sad you can't see that. I'm not angry, nor sad. #KillTheStereotypes

  7. Pamala Brooks says:

    Chanel McClennahan Its sad that you get offended by stereotypes that have nothing to do with reality. Do something to change it, as complaining about a fairy with nothing better to do with his time, will change nothing. Your gripe shouldn't be with me, as I am more than aware of the stereotypes out there. Your gripe should be with yourself for letting this fool's asinine comments upset you. People like you give people like him the type of power to stay relevant. If we ignore him, we silence him because the "beef" with black women will not be allowed to play out in the media, and serve the purpose he intended to reach in the first place. Nothing wrong with checking him, but no need to whine about it. We need to stop supporting the stereotypes by tuning into media that depicts us unfavorably, and co-signing our own asinine behavior. maybe folks will begin to see us differently.

  8. Pamala Brooks says:

    ***not tuning in

  9. Pamala Brooks No ones words can upset me. Don't confuse my statement with whining. I'm apart of The National Council of Negro Women, Inc. I'm doing my part in the community. "People like me…" Yeah, people like me talk to young African-American woman to rise above the stereotype. I haven't tweeted him. I don't even know his twitter. I haven't made a post about him. Black ppl ignore too much as it is. Being silent doesn't change anything in the black community or for the human race. I have no issue with you. I'm just voicing my opinion from what I grasp from your comment. So many people say, "Let's stop the stereotype", but constantly watch Tyler Perry movies, which portrays black women as bitter creatures. Smh. That's a joke. Scandal and Being Mary Jane depicts black women as the side chick. The one who gets the left overs. I laugh at society daily. People need a reality check. It bothers me that others accept what society brings to them. And if I want to stand up for what is right, I guess I'll whine then. I have a popular blog devoting to the empowerment of African-Americans and our ancestors. I'm glad to you when someone portrays you as something you're not, you can walk away.

  10. Pamala Brooks says:

    Chanel McClennahan we are in agreement that the stereotypes need to stop, and we seem to agree in methods to start that change. my response to you was in response to the dig you took at me…inferring that I can't see the problem. I just choose not to give fools like this any real energy because he can't make or break me as an African woman. I'm secure enough in my African skin to be upset by someone who wishes he could be like me (even an exaggerated version). Yes, Blogs are a good start, but your efforts can be overshadowed when you insult others that see things a little differently than you. How then can you motivate with taking digs? You should be mad that people are asleep, not laugh at them.

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