10 Actors Who Openly Called Out Hollywood’s Racism


Regina King

Regina King

“Ray” actress Regina King blasted the organizers of the Emmy Awards for leaving significant African-American television actors off their 2010 shortlist, insisting officials snub non-white stars every year. In September 2008, King wrote an open letter questioning the selection process for the ceremonies. An excerpt from the letter read:

“I try hard in my daily life not to engage in uncomfortable situations regarding race. But sometimes it’s very difficult to find other reasons that better explain why certain events play out the way they do. It is impossible for me to ignore the published statistics regarding the number of people of color mentioned, celebrated or honored in the history of the televised Emmys. Up to and including this year, there have been only 53 non-white actors nominated for Emmys out of nearly 1,000 possible nominations in the top four acting categories for drama and comedy. I’ve worked in television nearly all of my professional life and that statistic is quite sobering to me.”

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