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Going Further: John Legend “A Million”

John Legend must feel like he’s riding on cloud nine these days. He has his new model wife, and his musical career is as strong as ever with his latest album Love In The Future and his current hit single “All Of Me.” However, that doesn’t mean that Legend is content with the status quo. The Chicago R&B singer released a new song called”A Million” which will be on the soundtrack of the movie About Last Night which stars Kevin Hart. As reported by

“The 35-year-old has contributed a song to the About Last Night soundtrack called “A Million”. It’s a typically slick and soulful slow jam that showcases John’s smooth vocal and knack for writing non-vomit inducing romantic lyrics. “There’s a million reasons, a million ways, a million words but I’ve said all I can say,” he croons.

Legend was also in the news this week for his performance with Alicia Keys when they covered the Beatles song “Let it Be” and ‘The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute,’ which aired Sunday on CBS.

Check out the John Legend “A Million” track from the About Last Night soundtrack below and give us your thoughts.

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