5 Slave Ship Uprisings Other Than Amistad


Revolt Aboard Ship


In 1732, Captain John Major of Portsmouth, N. H., while on the coast of Guinea, was killed along with all of his  ship’s crew.

According to sources, shortly after Major pulled away from the shore to head to the Americas with 100ths of enslaved Africans aboard the ship, he witness up to 50 of the Africans storm his cabin.  The captured men on the ship had reportedly broken away from the chains just minutes into the trip.  About time they made it to the captain they had already reportedly killed the rest of the crew with guns, axes, sword and other weapon they seized from the white men.

A person known only as Carroll, told of the successful slave insurrection aboard a New Hampshire vessel commanded by Captain John Majors, who he said  “was treacherously Murdered, and his Vessel and Cargo seized upon by the Negroes.”  The Africans stripped the vessel of its rigging and sails, freed the other Africans in the hold, seized both the schooner and its cargo and then abandoned the ship.




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