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9 Interesting Little-Known Facts About Black History Month


1. Carter G. Woodson was the son of former enslaved Africans James and Eliza Riddle Woodson. He gained a master’s degree at the University of Chicago in 1908, and in 1912, he received a Ph.D. in history from Harvard University. Woodson, known as the “Father of Black History” started Negro History week in 1926, which later became Black History Month.

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19 thoughts on “9 Interesting Little-Known Facts About Black History Month

  1. Spencer Tyrus says:

    Why is Morgan Freeman even qouted? He is not a Master Teacher/Historian. It would be different if it were J.A. Rogers, J.G.Jackson, John H. Clarke, Yosef Ben-Jochannan. Sorry but that reference threw this article.

  2. Really, that one post completely cancelled out the other 8

  3. Spencer Tyrus says:

    If I thought that I would have posted it. My point is that it deviated from the work of Dr. Carter G. Woodson. Quoting Freeman, Clearance Thomas, or whoever else does not provide any validity just because they are also of African descent.

  4. Spencer Tyrus what do you mean when you say it "threw this article"

  5. Spencer Tyrus says:

    While I appreciate the topic and the other information about Dr. Woodson and Black History month. The "threw this article" means there was an was unexpecting and random reference, i.e. Freeman. So goes the adage, "I was thrown".

  6. Elinor Bowles says:

    Freeman provides another point of view, which, negative as it may sound, is actually an affirmation of the primacy and rights of African Americans.

  7. Elinor Bowles says:

    Which countries celebrate Black history?

  8. Spencer Tyrus misses the point of Black History Month. The point is that all people black and white should understand, know and study black history as first American history and secondly as world history. If we only acknowledge the comments, thoughts of scholarly AA then we relegate the study of blacks to a minor field of history. Morgan Freeman's contribution is too open the study of black history to many more individuals who otherwise would be less likely to become involved.

  9. Kitty Hodges Lutness says:

    Dr. Woodson himself wanted Black history to be studied all year. I agree that Black history is part of American history, and world history. Choosing a day, a week, or a month to CELEBRATE it is okay, but we should continue to learn about all people, all the time.

  10. Yes, Black History can be learnt from Black Africa's history. Same goes for the Italian from Italy or the Irish from Ireland. The idea of Black American history is prejudice against the other races in the USA. Especially when the other races were included and made as if they were Black African. Propaganda to degrade and slander all others that are not of black skinned. The slave owners were of the French and British aristocrats in America. The common folks of all races were the LABORERS to the Burgher aristocrats.

  11. In the 1930s because of Negro History Week’s popularity, it quickly became commercialized. Book publishers who would normally ignore Black topics rushed to put books on the market and in schools. Intellectuals popped up everywhere and would seize the opportunity to charge for speeches, taking advantage of the public interest in Black history. The history had been written to attract the Black population. The many listed as a great Black African had much Caucasian genetics and some almost all Caucasian but with a tint of Black African, the books are written as them being of Black African race.

  12. Above is another mostly caucasian being written as Black African. See Black Africa for some real renowned and great Black Africans. They look Black African and are mostly Black African. They are the ones that kept their people free from the Burgher Industrialists, be it from France, Germany, or Britain -and not of their common folks be it black skinned or white skinned.

  13. Black American history IS a very minor field of the Great Black African History! To disregard the many thousands of years of Black African History and only give spurts of (not really)200 years of black American history would be a shame. The Black African in America will soon loose their history of their African Homeland along with the African culture.

  14. Page 5, pictures of mixed races but written as them being Black African. This is why Black history is not really black history!

  15. "In Canada, Black History celebrations first began in 1950 when the Canadian Negro Women's Association organized events but it was not until 1978 when, in large part due to the efforts of the Ontario Black History Society led by Rosemary Sadler and others, that Toronto first recognized February as Black History Month. In 1995 Black History Month became a national celebration when the Honourable Jean Augustine brought the motion before Parliament. The aim of Black History Month at the time was to raise awareness of black history in Canada, which had been virtually ignored in school curriculum and in the media up until then."

  16. Romeo Dallaire tried to stop the genocide in Rwanda and failed – got PTSD because he had trouble forgiving himself. Shake Hands with the Devil (book, doc and Roy Dupuis movie is his story). He tends to speak out about the Rwandan genocide, PTSD and child soldiers.



  19. Im so sorry that you are having a problem with African Americans having a black history month but the people that paved the way for me to learn about my race and all the things that they endured and invented in this country it should be known for all to know. And for you to say that because of mixed races that we should not have black history, well lets get the facts straight if it wasnt for the white masters creeping out the main house coming to the work quarters were the slave women were we wouldnt have all this mixing so be mad at your own race but the children are still half black and thats way we will always celebrate black history. We know your history already because my people before me were in it. You cant talk about your history without african americans being involved. Im a assistant teacher and I teach my children about your race as well as our own in my classroom and I let them know how our people were treated all the way from slavery to the issues today. And as long as I am a teacher I will always celebrate black history month.. Again Im so sorry for you feeling the way that you do but you are entitled to your own opinion. Be Blessed.

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