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‘The Haunting Of’ Season 3, Episode 12: ‘Shirley Jones’

The Haunting Of

On this week’s The Haunting Of season 3, episode 12: ‘Shirley Jones,’  Actress Shirley Jones revisits her former home in upstate New York that she was chased from by spirits.

“The Haunting Of…” is an original series featuring world-renowned psychic-medium Kim Russo as she gives an exclusive look at celebrities who have had their lives changed by paranormal events.

Each one-hour episode of “The Haunting Of…”  features celebrities’ real life encounters with the paranormal as they return to the site of their traumatic experience. During these gripping journeys, Russo unlocks the secrets that haunted each celebrity and explains the unexplained. Russo also unveils shocking psychic moments and surprising personal revelations as she tunes into the celebrities’ personal lives and connects with their loved ones who have crossed over.

“The Haunting Of” season 3, episode 12: ‘Shirley Jones’ airs Jan. 25, at 10p.m. EST on the Biography Channel.

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2 thoughts on “‘The Haunting Of’ Season 3, Episode 12: ‘Shirley Jones’

  1. Anita Scheftner says:

    I don't know if this will get to Miss Shirley, or Miss Kim, but I really enjoyed this episode. Let me explain why, when I was younger I wished my Mom could be more like Shirley'm sure you've heard that before! But I found it very interesting that even a ghost would feel that! I never would have thought that in my wildest Anita

  2. Marsha Jones says:

    I noticed something interesting as I watched this show (The Haunting of Shirley Jones). When Shirley was being interviewed in the kitchen of this house, there was a rack on the wall behind her that held metal utensils. At one point the two spoons at the right end of the rack were swinging very gently. No other utensils that were on that rack were moving. Did either of these women see this? Did anyone else notice it?

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