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16 thoughts on “11 Interesting And Little-Known Facts About Martin Luther King Jr.

  1. Neil Nelson says:

    Awesome article!

  2. Glester Thorpe says:

    I agree, I didn't know most of these things about the King.

  3. Chell Ray says:

    I enjoyed reading thise facts about MLK that MOST people don't know….

  4. Greg Maddox says:

    They forgot the part that he was a government agent to counter Malcolmn X movement…like Ghundi

  5. Andre Moore says:

    Wow you learn something new everyday

  6. you must be uneducated dumbass

  7. Great article on Dr. King

  8. Carol Travis Butler says:

    Wonderful to read these little known facts about Dr. King

  9. I did love reading these facts. Thank You.

  10. Bankie Grey-Johnson says:

    Outrageous!.. MLK's movement started before Malcolm's… and Ghandi was waaay before both of em.. do ur research before spewing garbage!

  11. Greg Maddox says:

    Ill take it that this is new infomation for u all…Antron Dadrian Bailey and Bankir Grey-Johnson … I did the research and was shocked when i read it too. I hope u two can do the same and not call ppl name or assume it garbage…

  12. Greg Maddox, my uncles knew both Malcolm X and MLK before their passing.. To be honest, both men were killed by our gov't..

  13. I found out his real by making my son do a artical on MLK. . When I seen I was so baffled cuz dat was never mentioned b4

  14. Nayzeth Nicole Luna says:

    they forgot the part about i have dream or maybe i was lazy to read that part

  15. I will always love Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and what he did not only for the Lord, but also for mankind. I can still remember the sadness that came over our house like a cloud on the fateful evening of April 4, 1968. For those who might be interested, this is one tribute to Dr. King. It looks at the tremendous pressures during what I call "The Passion Years":

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