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‘Shipping Wars’ Season 5, Episode 7: ‘War of the Roses’

shipping wars

“Shipping Wars” season 5, episode 7: “War of the Roses” airs tonight.

Episode synopsis:

America’s longest running music television show is in trouble when Roy wins the bid to move their iconic camera crane, and Marc’s in hot water after picking up a hot tub, but it’s at the drop when things really bubble over.

The series description reads:

“A&E presents the new original real-life series “Shipping Wars,” which follows six independent shippers who have discovered that fortunes can be made transporting items that traditional carriers won’t touch. Each episode of “Shipping Wars” dives into the cutthroat world of these heavy-duty movers as they battle for the chance to transport the unshippable. The competition begins with uShip, the world’s largest online auction house for independent truckers. Every day, thousands of shipments are put up for auction. The battle is fierce as the movers have only minutes to bid, and the lowest bidder gets the load. From oversized loads and bulky packages to the truly bizarre, these shippers will haul anything if the price is right. The high-stakes race is on as they set out to deliver the loads in time, and any setback can cost big bucks.”

“Shipping Wars” season 5, episode 7: “War of the Roses” airs Dec. 24, at 9:00 p.m. EST on A&E.

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