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22 TV Shows Promoting Interracial Relationships

Interracial relationships are on a rise in the United States. Married couples who identified their marriage as interracial grew by 28 percent from 2000 to 2010, making 8.4 percent of all current U.S. marriages mixed-raced. In addition, 18 percent of heterosexual unmarried couples identify themselves as interracial. Blacks who married outside their race increased in share from 15.5 percent to 17.1 percent.

Some might say that art imitates life, so it’s no surprise that there has been an explosion of television shows featuring interracial couples. However, the mainstream television series that portray Black people in interracial relationships – with Black women in particular – appear to far outnumber programs depicting Black couples.

Take a look at 22 of these shows that present Black actors in interracial relationships; some have been canceled, but many are still on the air.

Is it a fair representation of today’s reality or is it being hyped up by mainstream media?


 olivia pope bounces between jake ballard and president fitzgerald grantOlivia Pope (Kerry Washington) is torn between President Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn) and  Jake Ballard (Scott Foley) in ABC’s “Scandal.”

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67 thoughts on “22 TV Shows Promoting Interracial Relationships

  1. Monique Washington says:

    Who cares?

  2. Bernie El says:

    More like 22 shows that promote miscegenation.

  3. Skye Dent says:

    While the news article's percentages of real life relationships appear to deal with people who view themselves in established and openly recognized relationships, the TV series mentioned (many of which have not been on air for several years) do not. They are mainly secret liaisons,brief hookups, or simply pairings in the old Lethal Weapon manner but with different sexes. In one situation, the female who is black was killed off the episode after we (and they) express their affection. That being said, I'm a fan of almost all of the show, but because they are crafted well and have intriguing storylines. Color did not color my opinion, pun intended. 🙂

  4. Silky Fritz Bastian says:

    ~ Masters Of Deception; molding and conditioning the desires of black folks. Must keep black folks confused, divided and desiring to be at one with their White Masters.

    The message conveyed is; “It’s okay to love your White Masters.” The deception swings both ways!

    These media programs are designed to perpetuate the worship of whites as a superior race! The delusion is; “once you go white; you are free!” Loving white folks makes you free!

    These are merely the example of America's 2013 Free Slaves!

  5. Wow…I had no idea. But, then again, I enjoy reading much more.

  6. these are not interracial relationships….it just white men sleeping with black women? Cmon now….

  7. More important things goin on, stop watching so much Damn tv

  8. It is promoted in a "certain" manner and encouraged in a "certain" manner. Only 22?

  9. Mia Douglas says:

    If this article was featuring black men in interraical relationships no black man would have anything pro black or negative to say i'm sure. This is definitely media propaganda. Anytime they feature blacks in a interracial union it is always with whites. White birth rates are decreasing and they are trying to increase their numbers and decrease black birth rates to dominate the population and to maintain their superiority. Interrracial relationships are not happening as nearly as much as they would like us to believe. I mean go to any black public school and you will see the reality. It's interesting how they are mainstreaming interracial mixing on B.E.T and in hiphop videos, cartoons, and tv commercials. This is (promotion) that's not based on reality. They are deliberately advertising this to black children and they are not in relationships. It is another form of white media racism black people should boycott.

  10. Also promoting adulterous!

  11. The majority of your comments are correct. The majority of Black men always have something to say one way or the other, plenty of post dealing on this topic "Both" ways. The under tone and over-tone of sistahs with W/men is pushed in a different manner "successful", "Free" "independent" notice the sistah is always beautiful..ALWAYS..the other way around, brother is a type of stud in need of direction, lacking, has stereotypical mannerisms..shucking and dancing or cracking jokes.."Both" ways push the same idealism, however today many sistahs don't can't or refuse to see the big picture..I'm glad you do!

  12. My issue is that the relationships are rarely shown as healthy and socially acceptable. I am in an interracial marriage that does not involve beinig torn between two lovers or doing anything on the down low. The concepts used to sell the interracial relationships are used in a way that makes the situation taboo. Yes, that can be "hot and sexy" but these relationships need to be portrayed as healthy and normal.

  13. Lenise Mobley-El says:

    Scandals does not promote interracial dating its just shows a married white man satisfying his desires of a black woman & she knowing she deserves better allows herself to be used & misguided.Promotes that itsits okay to be a mistress of the W/man I never watched it & dont intend to fa ll in that trap!!!!

  14. the way of the world today. she can have any man, any race, rich or poor. I just don't like the way they are using her in the show. but I really like the show. next she'll be sleeping with the black guy!
    wow, what a story line.

  15. Mansa Musa says:

    half these shows aint on the air no more, and the black men with white women are beta males. so ask yourself a question, why would 6 white corporations who control all of tv who show us in every negative light anytime they get a chance with COPS and 48 hours show us in a positive multiracial light?

  16. Shiree McCarver says:

    Article is misleading. I assume they were active shows featuring Interracial relationships. The majority of these shows have ended their run and or have been cancelled by small minded people who rather preach racial equality yet preach separation of the cultures. The only way the world will truly be equally is when people can date and love any color of the spectrum and no one feel or think anything except what you would think if the couple was the same race.

  17. Rya Quintana says:

    They forgot the tv show twisted. the main character was Indian and he was in love with a black woman.

  18. Yele Afi Batiatus says:

    This is the dumbest thing I've ever read. You do realize that Black + White does not equal white right?. Mixed kids rarely identify themselves as black in the first place. Infact most biracial people are seen as black so white people having babies with black people make more black people.

  19. Lea Adams says:

    How could you leave out Idrus Elba's "Luther," whose relationships (including marriage) have all been with white women? Why the absence of other "interracial" combos, pairing Black men and women with Asians or Hispanics? Black people shouldn't be judged for being in relationships with whites, unless they give up the culture that unites us, and raise their children as "bi-racial" kids with a white, 'default American', identity. In my experience, most Black women raise Black children, regardless of who their father is or how they look. Conversely, most white women raise children who ultimately identify as white people and marry whites.

  20. Mia Douglas says:

    @Yele Afi Batiatus, umm excuse me sweetheart but biracial is not black that's a extremely ignorant comment. Only black people can produce black babies number one. Number two, biracial children identify with being mixed race because they have one white parent. Number three, we leave in a European dominated society and none of us truely have a identity outside of European culture. When a mixed race child is constantly being brainwashed to believe that black is inferior to white who do you think that mixed child will always side with even in a race war? Biracial people are not black at all. Also they are beginning to pare biracial people up with whites so are you stupid enough to believe that a biracial person can produce full blooded black babies with a white person?

  21. Knox Mahlaba says:

    hi, for me it is not a gender issue, whether it is Jordan, Cuba or any black female, i see it as an act of self hatred. it is normal that mixed couples will always be there but it seems black people go into them with the notion of 'going up' in life or runaway from the black community. i fully agree that they are promoting this new race. Runuko Rashidi stated that any people that wants to develop must marry their own kind or at least desire to marry their own kind!, love your passion, stay black 'n strong!

  22. Bob Smith says:

    Of course the Jew media does this intentionaly

  23. Jerry Crowe says:

    How does a white woman having a black man's children help the numbers of the white race? Do you consider the president white?

  24. Mia Douglas unless the law has been changed by law they are black

  25. Sylvie Schw says:

    What about Grey 's Anatomy couples like Jackson Avery and April Kepner?

  26. Jesse Lott says:

    The real enemy is succeeding at dividing and thus, conquering US. Stop worrying about other races and focus on the real enemy. Love your brother, regardless of their melanin content…can't believe some of the most intelligent people are hampered my this ridiculous flaw. At the end of the day, love should rule the day…I prescribe all you haters a week of Bob Marley…get back with me after you've done so. Judge by the content of one's character…someone smart saif that and I believe that person was far more advanced in spirit than the rest of us combined. Wake up and live! Other races are not the enemy…we have a common enemy…they tax everything you do. Your blood, sweat and tears. Wake up and stop hating.

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  28. Jay S Parks says:

    The actions of BET should come as no surprise. BET was sold (and "sold out") to white male owners years ago.

  29. Jay S Parks says:

    Too much love, too much love, nothing kill a brother like too much love. Have you noticed just how poor and powerless any person, group or nation who drinks that kool-aid ends up? Black people are the most loving, giving, and forgiving people on the Earth. Not one televangelist could survive without black people.

    Yet nowhere on Earth can black people feed themselves. As for that smart person you refer to: How did that philosophy work out for him?

    Here's one for you: Judge a tree by the fruit it bares. (Hint: If you get crab apples, it ain't no pear tree!)

    As for the articles notion that the networks are just "reflecting reality", how come there are so many vampire, zombie, sci-fi series? Networks show what the white men (and Oprah) who own them want to show. Their reasons are as follows: 1. Money via viewership, and 2. their own desires.

    If any show features a black woman in the script, she typically finds her love interest to be a white man. It does not matter how many black men are available, none of them are qualified for her affections.

    In all things, in every way, the message is clear: to be a black man is to be no man.

    The damage this does to the self-image of black men who are fed a daily diet of it from the earliest age cannot be overestimated. Nor can it be wholly happenstance. It is an assault, consciously or unconsciously it is part of a relentless campaign to "un-man" black men.

    From Disney to Oprah the message is the same: If you are a black woman you should think enough of yourself to want a white man.

    What is truly amazing is that as near as I can tell NOT ONE black mental or legal professional has made even the smallest peep in protest. That the practice is systemic and harmful is provable, and if provable, actionable.

    This is a practice ripe for the defining class action law suit of our generation and these learned professionals seem blind to the social and litigation potential.

    According to the Urban Dictionary the term for the practice is "racialsexism".

    How to stop it? Simple, copy as much of this post as you want, print it out on card stock as four post cards, make 50 copies and cut out the post cards. Every week mail out 4 post cards to the sponsors of these shows seeking to destroy us as a culture. Make it clear that you understand what they are doing to our community and until they stop you are boycotting their product.

    Advertisers count every negative contact by mail as minimum 1,000 dis-satisfied consumers.

    We are not helpless.

  30. Wtf there are black men with white women and you don't see that? Fail.

  31. Apparently you do because you're here commenting on it.

  32. It's not that they're not healthy. Some of these shows are about vampires and they're all DRAMA shows. You can't expect much healthy anything from DRAMA shows.

  33. Then why are you replying to this article?

  34. Sam Smith says:

    Its nice to see that blacks are concerned about the Jewish dominance of the media as well. I was beginning to think it was just us white nationalists. I want all the intelligent blacks out there to know the we both have a common enemy in the Jewish extremists who completely dominate the American media. They push things like race mixing only for us Gentiles, or "GOY" as they call us. What it really means is cattle. Ironically the Jews commonly hold funerals for their brethren who marry outside their race. They're nothing but hypocrites! Wake up.

  35. Sam Smith says:

    You seem to be confused brother man. Sounds like you need to read up on the secret relationship between blacks and Jews. Minister Farrakhan has an excellent book on this topic. Just remember, they're only 2% of the American population yet they control 99% of the media. Isn't that odd? Don't forget that they also dominate banking and totally control politics. They may have white skin but they aren't Aryan!

  36. Sam Smith says:

    That's a laugh!

  37. Madula Ramabathiran No, Madula I dont. Please list the 21 Shows that promote it.

  38. Madula Ramabathiran : ( You are unable to hold simple intelligent conversation?….ok…peace to you

  39. Madula Ramabathiran ..sad.. you cant have a simple conversation. peace to you.

  40. Thomas Jamie Bonds You keep replying, that's more sad. I already tried to explain that there's more than "white men sleeping with black women" already IN THIS ARTICLE. You keep saying irrelevant stupid shit that I really don't have time for.

  41. Thomas Jamie Bonds Our shows don't have to promote it. It is overly promoted with black male sports figures and entertainers. It is funny how the men "just" now are in an uproar over interracial dating now that it is shown with black women. Now understand I am in full agreement to what the deceptive message is to our race, but I am so sick of the black men now jumping on the soapbox that us black women have been on for decades.

  42. Thomas Jamie Bonds Our shows don't have to promote it. It is overly promoted with black male sports figures and entertainers. It is funny how the men "just" now are in an uproar over interracial dating now that it is shown with black women. Now understand I am in full agreement to what the deceptive message is to our race, but I am so sick of the black men now jumping on the soapbox that us black women have been on for decades.

  43. Madula Ramabathiran Theres a lot of idiot guys here but also some girls too. I completely agree with you though. I go out with a Black Jamaican girl. Race isn't an issue for us at all

  44. Madula Ramabathiran Theres a lot of idiot guys here but also some girls too. I completely agree with you though. I go out with a Black Jamaican girl. Race isn't an issue for us at all

  45. Joe Fazek says:

    Sickening how the Jew Media promotes White Genocide.

  46. Moki Maki says:

    Black men/white women divorce rate is extremely high in the U.S. Wonder why?

  47. Bren Amar says:

    Madula Ramabathiran – I agree with you. This poster needs to close his foul mouth.

  48. Bren Amar says:

    Yele Afi Batiatus Thank You "Yele Afi Batiatus" ! You are so right about her rant. Most mixed people, in North America, are identified as "black" and have been since the old days. In Africa, they are night black, blue black and Mia's picture doesn't make it. If you have yellow, brown, or even dark brown, skin, you are not pure black (no matter what you think). You have massa's input — like it or not.

  49. Silky Fritz Bastian says:

    Oliver Curwen Whites never claim to have an issue with race; they just enjoy the fruits of "White Privilege" which includes mating with blacks . . .

  50. Silky Fritz Bastian i dont get what your perfect scenario is here ? So white people shouldnt go out with black people, and vice versa, what about black people and asian people? does it matter to you whether the black person is a woman or a man?

  51. Joel Skeems says:

    can i take you out monique lol

  52. Gary Stump says:

    Every show I watch has a BLACK MAN banging a WHITE WOMAN. I almost never see a BLACK WOMAN with a WHITE MAN either on TV or in real life. But I see the BM/WW everywhere I go anymore. This picture gallery is no way representative of what I'm seeing on the idiot box or on the streets..

  53. Lola Powell says:

    They are trying to destroy us who are the true Israelites of the Bible because according to the Bible you are whatever your father is and they are trying to entice black women to lust over their men and our men to lust after their women so that they can be raised within the Edomite (white person) culture and frame of mind, but we are suppose to be preserving our spirituality, culture, religion etc…Not doing that which God told us to do after leading us out of Egypt in the Bible is what got us in this trouble in the first place and how we ended up in slavery. I know someone is probably wondering what I'm saying, but I know some know exactly what I mean. This guy explained it greatly here

  54. Lola Powell says:

    It's also promoting interracial dating. Lets be clear anytime you see something on TV it's a form of promotion whether it's to the good or the bad. Don't be deceived nothing shown on TV isn't carefully thought out…ALL you see is being shown for a reason. Excuse the caps I'm not screaming, only emphasizing lol.

  55. I agree madam, these shows and relationships are the product of a bankrupt society and aim to destroy our heritage thorough propaganda that is being used to push the One World Government on a populace of historically indifferent mutts.

  56. Kenyon Jodlowski says:

    This type of incorporation of interracial couples in modern media, I believe, creates a more aware and accepting society. Even though people are so focused on the adulterous and sexual acts happening within these shows, it still makes the viewer become aware of these types of couples.

  57. Elana Mandel says:

    I've noticed that too. I've only seen one other BW/WM couple and it was recently.

  58. These interracialists in the black community needs to be turned out and winnowed out of the black community. We need to winnow out these Uncle Toms in our community and declare them persona non grata.

  59. Sam Smith says:

    Mia Douglas Yea like Obama??? He really identifies as White doesn't he? ehhh! wrong. He identifies as black like so many other biracial people do. So you are dead wrong. I would love nothing more than for everyone to stick to their own so all cultures are maintained. You need to stop looking at the establishment as "white" because these days its totally JEWISH! Wake up and wise up…

  60. Sam Smith says:

    Very clever attempt by this publication to show a black female/white male agenda being pushed by the establishment, when we know DAMN WELL that every time one turns on the TV you will see the opposite. 9 times out of 10 they're pushing white women and black men together. Not that it really matters so much because the end result is always the same… GENOCIDE! Its just kind of interesting to see how, and to wonder why, they would twist things the way they do.

  61. Yele Afi Batiatus That is bullshit, mulattoes are not black and most people do NOT see them as such. People like you are going to make us into some weird mongrel race while whites keep themselves pure.

  62. Soon black people are just going to be some unrecognizable mongrel race while white people keep themselves pure. They went from raping and castrating to brainwashing us. We will be no different than self hating, colonial minded Latinos. Wont be long until colourism kicks into full swing and new blacks and swirlers begin adotping the practice and idea of "whitening the race".

    Which is basically Black people dating lighter skinned people in an attempt to have lighter skinned children. Supporters of the Whitening ideology believed that the Negro race would advance culturally and genetically, or even disappear totally, within several generations. Most Brazilians thought this approach was a far better one than what the United States had done. A Brazilian statesman compared the United States and Brazil by saying, –

    "Now comes the necessity to devise some method of dealing with it [the Negro problem]. You of the United States are keeping the blacks as an entirely separate element, and you are not treating them in a way that fosters their self-respect. They will remain a menacing element in your civilization, permanent, and perhaps even after a while a growing element. With us the question tends to disappear, because the blacks themselves tend to disappear and become absorbed…"

    We are experiencing the slowest genocide in history and things must change by any means nessivary.

  63. Mary Burns says:

    If you want your man to be 100% focused on you . . .
    Fantasizing about you during the day . . .
    Counting down the minutes until he gets to see you again . . .
    You don’t have to kill yourself at the gym.
    You don’t have to buy a bunch of sexy lingerie (though there’s nothing wrong with doing that if you want.)
    Nope, if you want your guy to become sexually and emotionally addicted to you,all you have to do is learn to TALK DIRTY and make love to
    his mind.
    You REALLY need to hear about this

  64. Larry Beach says:

    I wouldn't mind it so much if the shows had the Balls to accurately portray the 18-26 yr old Black males. It is a simple case of the Millennium White Generation thinking they have to pay for the sins of their Grandfathers. The Blacks EAT UP any type of pity you can get, then begin to expect it from everybody. If the shows portray the over 25% the way it is we'd have Hollywood swarmed and rioted! When I lived in Atlanta and Jacksonville I didn't see clean cut Blacks in Suits and Polo Shirts, going to work every day and taking care of their family. I did see the Majority jobless living off the Women who worked 2 jobs happily knocking the Girls up then abandoning them instead of being responsible. One guy in my neighborhood did this to 3 girls in under 2 years It is a lot easier to run Drugs, or chasing that Rap career that won't happen, than hold a job, of course it is someone Else's fault for them not finding work! What happened to Blacks up until 1861 was horrible, then again I had 3 Men in my family DIE fighting the South to free slaves.. Not every white person was a black hating MASSA'! most weren't. It is how the blacks chose to live afterword. All one has to do is look at the Country of Hati, founded by freed blacks.. too lazy to work to build their nation! It is now the poorest Country in the World, every attempt to promote trade fails due to laziness and theft. But I guess that is the White Man's fault too! Just like it was that night I had a knife to my throat by the black scum that robbed me, and the other 2 times my house was Broken into with someone there in the house, and the guys caught on camera.. My Wife and Childrens Lives were threatened by their thug families if we prosecuted! Let them try that in the Midwest where I live now, there is ZERO tolerance. 

  65. David Kens says:

    what you say is true, not as racism in usa, but here in Colombia the parts where blacks live are very poor, no progress. not why this happens, my father is white, my mother is black. and is a normal relationship, many choose to be criminals, but not always, there are black workers fighting for progress and a better future.

  66. Alana Gibbs says:

    Larry Beach That has nothing to do with the innocent lives lost because of police brutality. You’re a hypocrite, seeing as you talk BS about blame, yet you’re making the black community as a whole take responsibility for the faults of the police who unjustly kill innocent minorities. Hold the police as accountable as you do anyone else. Law enforcement needs to use better judgment so that people of color who are clearly innocent stop dying over the police’s assumptions.

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