Madiba Song: Wyclef Pens ‘Mandela Tribute’



The memorial service for the late Nelson Mandela is today, and the music community continues to honor his name with music inspired by his greatness. Wyclef Jean has put together an emotional tribute to Mandela, which features Clef in a video singing with his acoustic guitar.

As reported by

“As world leaders honor Nelson Mandela at a memorial service in Johannesburg today, Wyclef Jean celebrates the life and legacy of the civil rights icon in song. The Fugees frontman plays guitar and sings the praises of Madiba on his acoustic dedication.

“’He was ready for the fire squad/ To die for equal rights and justice/ I wrote this song/ I shook the hand of the prophet/ Nelson Mandela,’ sings Wyclef.”

Wylcef had met Mandela and performed at Mandela Day in 2009.

Check out Wyclef’s soulful “Mandela Tribute” below as the world celebrates the life of a true hero today.

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