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5 Ways Integration Underdeveloped Black America

forced eviction of African American family

Black Wealth Stagnated or Declined After Integration

During segregation, Blacks were forced to start and support the businesses in their own communities. Many of these businesses flourished and even helped made some Black communities, such as the Greenwood community in Tulsa, Okla., (often called Black Wall Street), wealthier than their white neighbors.

After segregation ended, African-Americans flocked to support businesses owned by whites and other groups, causing Black restaurants, theaters, insurance companies, banks, etc. to almost disappear. Today, Black people spend 95 percent of their income at white-owned businesses.

Even though the number of Black firms has grown 60.5 percent between 2002 and 2007, they only make up 7 percent of all U.S firms, and less than .005 percent of all U.S business receipts.

In 1865, just after Emancipation, 476,748 free Blacks — 1.5 percent of U.S. population– owned a .005 percent of the total wealth of the United States.  Today, a full 135 years after the abolition of slavery, 44.5 million Black Americans  — 14.2 percent of the population — possess a meager 1 percent of the national wealth.

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  1. "After segregation ended, African-Americans flocked to support businesses owned by whites and other groups, causing Black restaurants, theaters, insurance companies, banks, etc. to almost disappear. Today, Black people spend 95 percent of their income at white-owned businesses."….OUR OWN WORST ENEMY.

  2. The USA has a long history of racism that rivals Nazi Germany in its aggregate damage and likely surpasses Apartheid South Africa.There needs to be a closure and that requires restitution for slavery and violation of civil rights even if largely symbolic. The current president has the opportunity to encourage a legal solution that is fair and final.

  3. Daryl Lights says:

    Let's get busy.

  4. Devan Clark says:

    That was the plan from jump.White folks said if these Niggers insist on wanting to sit next to me on the toilet and drink my spit from a white water fountain.Then we are at least going to make a serious profit from us whites being forced to be around them…lmao.

  5. Julia Lucas says:

    I'm a little uneasy about the Ross and Sawhill study from 1975. I agree that many Black men have been emasculated and are being shunted into prison, but I'm a little tired of it being due to black women earning wages similar to black men. A lot of studies have come about since 1975. It isn't the wage gap between husband and wife itself but the psychological effect on the man as the expected gender role is to be the breadwinner; thus the stability has more to do with not meeting gender expectations and less to do with the act of making less wages itself–and to me, that ties back to the loss of black businesses. Also, the husband could have great socio-economic standing and yet be very abusive behind closed doors, or simply not know how to run a family, and that is not a stable family structure and that element cuts across races. If Black men are disenfranchised, which they are, it isn't the fault of Black women, it's the fault of white America. I see Black and White men twist such findings-which aren't even completely accurate–to encourage women to put the psychological needs of man as the breadwinner before their own.

  6. Sonny Scroggins says:

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  7. Sonny Scroggins says:

  8. Sonny Scroggins says:


  9. What is with this racially adversarial bullshit? White and Black Americans are both fucking Americans. We are united, we are brothers, we ARE ALL CITIZENS OF THE SAME NATION. We work toward the good of the entire community, not just among racially defined lines. Race is a delusion, a weapon used to divide and conquer whole nations of people. United we are STRONG! WE ARE AMERICA! WE ARE DIVERSE! WE WILL BE EQUAL!

  10. There is no such thing as a black bank, a black restaurant, or a black theater. (Unless the color of the building is black) There are American restaurants, American banks, American theaters. This delusion of separation weakens everyone, black people and white people.

  11. Plus the author of this article has some serious "Co-relation and causation" issues.

  12. Tarron Lee Stewart You can't be serious

  13. Terrence Jones says:

    @ tarron lee u sleep if u think its america this america that that white supremecy u even thinking u have a piece of any of this they stole it from the indians by force used blacks to build it u think they gonna share it lol ask a white person what ur nationality is see if they call u american

  14. Terrence Jones And how exactly has white supremacy been fought in the past? With Adversarial separation? With this, "Us vs them" mentality? Last time I checked, we achieved the freedoms we earned in the 1960s with cooperation, not racial rivalry. Racism is a plague that infects the minds of more than just white people. It spreads, it festers and it destroys. Inequality will only grow with division, and no law can change the minds of people black or white. If we are going to come together as the brothers and sisters we are we need to do it ourselves. You're part of the problem. But you can change that.

  15. Kendall Kinsman says:

    You only capitalized the words involving "black"; yet white people are also mentioned, without any capitals. That's self segregation… Or racism, depending on who you talk to.

  16. Andre' James says:

    Tarron Lee Stewart: Brother, you are oversimplifying an issue that deserves be taken much more seriously. The point of needing black banks, black churches, black movie theaters, black restaurants, black publishing houses, and even black beauty pageants in the first place stemmed from the long-standing separation and socio-economic disparities we DID NOT create. We didn't create JIM CROW and it's legacy. We weren't the ones burning down black businesses, we weren't the ones beating black business owners brains out, and running black business owners out of town on a rail. But we did have to create alternatives. (and still must do so) So please don't be deceived into thinking that we live in some kind of post racial society wherein all people of color are absolutely free and unfettered by racial bias, assumptions, myths, and systematic marginalization. The alternatives were created because the system negated, marginalized, and isolated us from itself-and still does. You have to see things in a broader historical context. Living in denial of racism is not going to make it go away. Having a black President will not make it go away either. When you live in denial of the animal called America's racial reality, that is when you fall victim to it jaws and claws. Know that when I say racism, I'm not talking about slavery and what happened 100 years ago. I'm talking about the racism and discrimination that goes on right now.

  17. Andre' James I see the historical context, I see the racism still going on today. And I'm saying we aren't going to get through it and overcome it by widening the racial lines, by dividing people who should be working together. Racism is an issue that needs to be tackled by multiple fronts and by loking at it from both sides of the issue.

    I don't believe we live in some kind of post racial society, but I believe that we can achieve that goal in time. I am not in denial of America's current racial reality, I am trying to transcend it rather that exacerbate it.

  18. Eli Mbesomkhulu Oh yes he is very serious and very deluded. What if Barney's WAS a Black chain.

  19. Dee White says:

    Blacks and Whites have been integrating for centuries. Yes, Blacks today seem own less than ever before, even though we might be the largest cash based consumer group. It is rare to find

  20. Andre Oliver says:

    So what the fuck does the author want? Segregation?

  21. Kenneth White says:

    I'm a young man trying to start my own publication in Colorado and its hard to get minority businesses to support me (so few but so necessary)- I get more business and interest from white majority owned business- I hate segregation but the point and basis behind I see but let us stay and Integrated free society- I would rather embrace the cold bitter stares- I think we need to create more forums to discuss issues publicly and with rational minds to encourage minority owned business growth- obviously this is the cause of our problems we need more leadership, entrepreneurship, and re-investment into these outlets- Lets REBUILD AN INCLUSIVE AMERICA-

  22. Jacqueline McGee Smith says:

    No, I think the author wants us to realize the 'trick' that integration actually is, and start doing for ourselves, and loving and supporting each other without needing anyone else to fix the problems their system created, or allowing those systems to stop us from doing so.

  23. Cassaundra Bernardez says:

    Everyone SAYS "black people" need to open their own businesses, restaurants, etc., but are YOU working for a while man? Is your boss working for a white man? Actions speak louder than words. Stop talking, and DO IT.

  24. Doc Hardaway says:

    Tarron Lee Stewart ctfu Ive never seen a more wrong statement.

  25. Doc Hardaway says:

    Tarron Lee Stewart ctfu Ive never seen a more wrong statement.

  26. thoughtless comment^ smh.

  27. Tarron Lee Stewart thoughtless comment.. smh

  28. LV Blackbook says:

    I totally agree. We are looking for Black businesses to sell products on our website

  29. Shawn Mc says:

    ii agree , enough with the excuses, there was a major breakdown in responsibility , morals and values

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