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Peep This: Childish Gambino Unveils “3005” And “The Worst Guys” Videos


Childish Gambino, also known by his government name, Donald Glover, when he’s acting and writing for Hollywood, is getting ready to drop his new album Because The Internet. In preparation for the album release , Gambino is giving fans two new visuals for the songs “3005” and “The Worst Guys.” According to

“With just four days to go until ‘Because The Internet’ hits shelves, Childish Gambino debuts a proper visual for track nine, ‘3005.’  This is a far departure from the lyric video, which features porn star Abella Anderson, that released some weeks back.

Bino can be seen riding a ferris wheel alongside a large teddy bear, as he surveys all that’s happening below. You’d figure that the actor-turned-rapper would be happy, considering that he’s at a circus and all. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. There’s something clearly eating at him, as he takes a ride on a Ferris wheel.”

Gambino released the “3005” video first but then decided to give fans a two-for-one by releasing the “The Worst Guys” video as well. As reported by

“‘3005’ isn’t the only Childish Gambino video we’re getting today. Looking to take over the Internet (because, well, the Internet), ‘Bino also delivers a summery short film for his playful collaboration with Chance The Rapper, ‘The Worst Guys.’ The rappers hit up the beach with their crew for a day of sea, sun and surfing. Oh, and a late-night lightsaber party, too.

The only catch: you need a password (12.10.13SIXTY) to watch the video. Luckily, ‘Bino revealed it in the interactive screenplay that he published yesterday. The script is all part of the Because the Internet experience ahead of the album’s release.”

Childish Gambino’s Because The Internet will be released next Tuesday, December 10. Check out the “3005” and “The Worst Guys” videos below.

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