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Straight Mobbin’: A$AP Nast Drops “Trillmatic” Video Featuring Method Man

asap-nast-trillmatic-videoA$AP Mob proved this year that the group consists of more than just  A$AP Rocky as A$AP Ferg burst onto the scene with his debut album Trap Lord this year. Now the next rapper from the clique to break into the mainstream is A$AP Nast, and he’s released a new video called “Trillmatic” for fans which features Method Man. As reported by

“A$AP Mob’s next up to step out into the solo spotlight is A$AP Nast. The rugged ‘crack in the sock’ rapper pays homage to Wu-Tang’s Method Man on “Trillmatic,” which also features the Mr. Mef. With a 90’s vibe, generations collide on this throwback to New York’s glory days. This is the new chapter.”

“Trillmatic” was originally previewed as a one minute snippet and is a true throwback to 90’s East Coast rap.  Method Man is also the perfect fit for this collaboration as the beat has a similar  style to Wu-Tang’s RZA’s production sound.  As reported by

“‘Trillmatic’ s a fun and refreshing throwback to ’90s East Coast rap, which is a rare feat for this Harlem crew.  Nast takes on the bulk of the responsibility with two stellar verses and a surprisingly dope hook (“I got a funky, funky style with a funky swag”), but it’s Johnny Blaze who lights up the track with an effortlessly acrobatic guest appearance. A$AP Ty Beats’ sample-laced, boom bap production proves that the true New York essence is hiding beneath all that Houston flavor after all.”

Check out  A$AP Nast’s “Trillmatic” video below.

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