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Kendrick Lamar, Y.G. Hootie Take On Icons In ‘Two Presidents’



Kendrick Lamar has shown that he’s not afraid of making bold statements. So it should be no surprise that he and his West Coast affiliate Y.G. Hootie are comparing themselves to Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X on their new single “Two Presidents.”

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“That’s Kendrick Lamar, comparing both himself and fellow Compton emcee YG Hootie to Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X. Risky move from K. Dot, but not unexpected. He’s shown a tendency to wax over-the-top poetic (see: “Control,” verse No. 2), and “Two Presidents” with Brick Squad’s Hootie is no different. The song’s swampy beat production is perfect for the two slightly slower flows, the best backdrop upon which to boast (think “Cartoons And Cereal” for the strip club).

“Kendrick, Martin, Hootie, Malcolm,” still pure hyperbole, but it’s hard not to fill the hook with something like that when both rappers sound presidential as [hell].”

Check out the Kendrick Lamar and Y.G Hootie “Two Presidents” track below.

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