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5 Reasons Young Black Men Resort To Violence

black on black violence 2

The latest figures from the FBI, Bureau of Justice Statistics and public health agencies show that among black youth, rates of robbery and serious property offenses are the lowest in more than 40 years. Rates of murder and rape are now lower than when nationwide crime statistics first appeared in 1965—and those were far less thorough than today’s.

Assault rates are lower than when this crime statistic was expanded to include domestic violence and new offenses a quarter-century ago.

Violent and other criminal victimization of young African-Americans have also plummeted to record lows, as have a host of other ills including unplanned pregnancy, drug abuse and school dropout rates. Murder and violent crimes remain very rare events among African-Americans,  less than two-tenths of 1 percent.  Since the early 1990s, homicide deaths and arrests have plunged by 70 percent among black youth in America.

Despite the sharp decrease in crime in America, and other industrialized countries, the mainstream media continues to propagate an image that black males are a growing threat to the safety of the general public.

While the numbers do show that Blacks are over-represented in acts of murder and violent crime in the U.S. and other countries, Dr. Amos Wilson says the reasons they resort to violence and crime is due to their relationship with a system that has excluded and oppressed them for centuries. Personal responsibility is a factor, but understanding how the minds of young black boys have been negatively impacted by racial oppression may provide insight on what solutions will be effective in remedying the problem.


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  1. it seem that no one cares about the young men who are destroying their lives and destroying the place they live in,so if they are black or white they are some one son or will be a father , you have to start speaking life over and to them, we know the problem , now start speaking the sulation what if it was your son or brother.

  2. This is a very interesting perspective. I believe that there are so many destructive forces around us that we have become so reluctant to even deal with ourselves and our own issues. I am a Proud Black Man with a 21year old Son and A 14 month old son and I try to teach

  3. They have to let some people take the blame for the egregious mistakes they made in the past. They have to make black men that they have repeatedly wronged not feel that they as black men have every right to deserve better and get it!

  4. i think it's about time our black leaders focus on steering black youths on education. how can we move forward if continue to base our lives on racism

  5. What type and who education should we give them.

  6. Megan Butler says:

    Personally I feel that this article missing one main important point, poverty. I myself have only observed black males and females who come from a lower income levels have more violent out burst, or feel "dissed" or unlovable, and compensate with high egos. Being a woman of color, I don't attribute past events I have never witness or lived to as a reason for my attitude or character. I like the reasoning behind this article just feel that it needs to take responsibility away from events that the younger generations have never witnessed, (slavery, and the civil rights movement) and turn it back to the home.

    As for the news, I agree, it is totally race motivated and they install fear into other races including our own. Which is a main cause for distrust and different mannerism towards blacks. *hope that made sense.

  7. William, I believe that racism is THE overriding, underlying, intertwining, and unifying issue driving this whole American social experiment. Without racism, we have no slavery, without slavery we have no United States. To look a person dying of starvation and say, 'we need to discuss their ability to construct their own home,' is absurd. Most rational people would seek to find and address the cause of the hunger before first pushing someone into the admittedly exciting but ultimately physically demanding world of residential construction. I find it similarly absurd to ignore the problem catalyzing the tragedies that are the lives of many young black men, particularly of low socioeconomic status, namely, racism, overt, subverted, inverted, perverted or in any shape or state you within which you would choose to address it.

  8. Tameka Long says:

    That's exactly what I am saying. Yes, the black race has been depressed but since we know that fact, we need to do something about it. We have to start being responsible for our own actions at some point in our lives. We can't teach our young black men that every time they commit a crime, "Jim Crow over dere" made them do it.

  9. Paul James says:

    If young black men had another option they'd rather not (be violent.) Example: Gay kids, as much noise as they make, they don't shoot up the place like straight niggas with something to prove. Gay kids stay fabulous and do their thing quietly but make noise sensibly (unless there's some thug gay underground I don't know about… where murderers, stick up kids and kidnappers stay thick and in some gay underground! [email protected]!)

    Anyways, someone should teach violent cats a skill and how to cook and keep a home. Stop running the streets like goons. Do your work, go home kiss your family, love your life. It's a blessing.

    In the words of Dr Steve Brule,
    "Is not that hard!"

  10. Brother PAT , my point of view is not holding the kid to school back and forth but a sthretegy to eliminate low self esteem, something to empower and sthrenghten to move forward.and brother RANDY i may be wrong but you know there's always room for improvement. the world is changing dramatically and are we going to sit down on our laurels and talk about history? we got to do something to change the dynamics of history, we've seen the light bro. thank you.

  11. Correct me if I am wrong but you are saying Racism in America is a reference to a past time?

  12. This article is nothing more than victimhood propaganda. Slavery was abolished a century and a half ago I would like to ask you how could something 150 years ago could still influence us today ? You people just can't admit that black attitudes is responsible for black on black violence ! Honestly do you think it is 'the white man' who teach Blacks to wear baggy and saggy pants ? Do you think it's because of him that many blacks speak a patois form of English that made them look backward ? Do you think it is again the white man who instil among black youth these awful gangsta attitudes which glorifies violence ?
    No matter what you say blacks are not the only group of people who have been victims of persecutions in history. Jews have been victim of the Holocaust and yet they don't reproduce the nazi way of thinking in their everyday life they are a thriving community not only in the United States but in Europe as well ! The same thing goes for the Armenians and the Chinese in Southeast Asia who have been victims of slaughter for centuries and yet are a prosperous and law-abiding group in this region!
    Slavery is over, lynchings are over, Jim Crow is over. Stop being stuck in the past ! One very pressing PRESENT issue is the epidemic of black children being collateral victims of shootout one article wrote that:"The CDF report notes that between 1963 and 2010, 59,265 Black children and teens were killed by guns. That’s over 17 times the recorded lynchings of African-Americans from 1882 to 1968!" and you think Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan are to be blamed for that ? Get a grip. As President Obama said: "We can’t simply write these problems off to past injustices. Those injustices are real… but we can’t keep on using that as an excuse.” You should have listen more to Bill Cosby's 2004 speech

  13. David, I agree completely. They constantly play the victim and are swamped in self pity which academics like the author of this article tell them they are.
    Get over it, the past is the past.
    Good point about the Jews, maybe because they didn't have a shoulder to cry on, and had to get on with life is the difference. It also begins in the home and early education where such a big issue is made of colour and it shouldn't be.
    I still pray for the day when as Martin Luther King said that we will be known for our character and not our colour

  14. Sc Rivers-Berry says:

    David Navarro, your a moron who doesn't pay attention to details, I'm pretty sure the article says that this violent behavior is the result of a damaged mentality, a mentality passed on through the Generations, from parents to children and the community at large. I'm pretty sure by discussing "mentality", that "attitudes" are addressed….your a republican aren't you? I've learned your people can't read

  15. Jeff Shouse says:

    The black community needs to start taking responsibility for raising their children and actively work for change. I realize this is very hard, but it was also very hard for white Americans to face their demons in the 1960s. The spirit of the civil rights movement needs to be channeled within the black community, this time to force significant social change within their own communities, one family at a time. There will always be crime and there will always be racism, but neither needs to define destiny anymore than segregation and slavery do today.

  16. Jack Arnold says:

    Let me shorten the article for you: Black violence is white people's fault. There, FIFY.

  17. Jack Arnold says:

    Also, correct English, Math ans Science are racist.

  18. Absolutly, i agree 10k%. Look, i as a decendant of enslave Africans will never forget the horrible atrosities inflicted on them. However, i cant hold him responsible for how i live my life at the moment as i have an independent mind.

  19. You say you're "pretty sure" which means you didn't fully read the article which blames black violence on white racism.

    "Dr. Amos Wilson says the reasons they resort to violence and crime is due to their relationship with a system that has excluded and oppressed them for centuries"

    "The trauma caused by this psychological brutality resulted in severe damaged to the mind of the victims, which manifested as an identity crisis, self hate, low self worth, and a distrust of the world at large. This mentality has been passed down through generations."

    That's the problem we have, once we recognize there's a problematic overrepresentation of young black men in violent crimes we try to make excuses about it. Like I said in my other messages we need to stop once and for all to blame black social problems like crime on others and root out this black victimhood ideology which drives them to violence.

  20. Randy Preston You can look pick apart all 5 of those reasons and see that some form of racism is the bottem line to each one of them

  21. B/S. The Halocaust lasted less than a decade. American Slavery lasted 247 years. Then Jim Crow another 100+ years. It still exists in the form of institutionalized racism. Racism is the DNA of America. You do not know American history and culture, and you most assuredly do not know African Americans. Because if you did, you would know that black criminals are in a minority among our people. Neither I nor and my people owe you an apology or an "excuse". Who do you think you are?

  22. Charles Reaves "Institutionalized racism" is BS plain and simple. It is nothing but an excuse to justify black failures like crime and illegitimacy, unemployment, high school drop-out, etc. You teach me nothing when you say that "black criminals are in a minority among our people." I in fact said exactly the same thing against white nationalists I was arguing with! But the fact that black criminals are overrepresente d in criminal activities is an issue that needs to be addressed to ! Not only many Whites, but also many Hispanics and many Asians have been pushed to racism precisely because they have been mugged, bullied or victimized by Blacks! And no neither slavery or Jim Crow are to be blamed for that haven't you read the quote from President Obama ? "We can’t simply write these problems off to past injustices. Those injustices are real… but we can’t keep on using that as an excuse.” That the holocaust lasted less than a decade is wholly irrelevant to the issue, jews have been victims of persecutions for centuries and yet they are not overrepresented in crime "the same thing goes for the Armenians, and the Chinese in Southeast Asia who have been victims of slaughter for centuries are a prosperous and law-abiding group in this region!"

    Although the USA has had many serious racial issues I think that claiming that "Racism is the DNA of America." betrays a grossly one-sided vision of American history.

  23. You do not know American history or culture at all. President Obama is part of the problem by simply appealing to the right wing with anti black rhetoric trying to get moderate white votes during the 2008 election. And exactly to whom is anyone making excuses? And about what? Innocent black people are profiled and prosecuted for crimes they did not commit every single day. There is witness tampering and biases among juries every single day. Don't you know only poor people go to prison? You really are unqualified to have this debate. You do not have a command of the facts, and you do not have the ability to analyze data.

  24. "Violent and other criminal victimization of young African-Americans have also plummeted to record lows, as have a host of other ills including unplanned pregnancy, drug abuse and school dropout rates. Murder and violent crimes remain very rare events among African-Americans, less than two-tenths of 1 percent. Since the early 1990s, homicide deaths and arrests have plunged by 70 percent among black youth in America.

    Despite the sharp decrease in crime in America, and other industrialized countries, the mainstream media continues to propagate an image that black males are a growing threat to the safety of the general public."

  25. Charles Reaves

    "exactly to whom is anyone making excuses? And about what? "

    Victicrats on all sides have been trying to make overrepresentation of young black men in criminal activities excusable by blaming it white racism. This article is not different when it falsely blames black crime on slavery.

    "Innocent black people are profiled and prosecuted for crimes they did not commit every single day."

    Again the same complaints about racial profiling. To me racial profiling is nothing more than a consequence I've already addressed the cause many times I'm not gonna repeat myself. Just ask yourself: what could have pushed Jesse Jackson to declare back in 1993 "There is nothing more painful for me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start to think about robbery and then look around and see it’s somebody white and feel relieved." ?

    "There is witness tampering and biases among juries every single day."

    Oh yeah the acquittal of people like O.J. Simpson or Lemrick Nelson were certainly indicative of biases in the jury. But instead of attacking these decisions people cheered ! If the justice system is so racist then we should ask why were racist killers like Lawrence Brewer and Henry Francis Hays sentenced to death by an-all white jury in the South ?!

    "Don't you know only poor people go to prison?"

    HAHAHAHA!!! If Bernard Madoff was to read these lines deep in his cell he would make a laughter so loud that might wake up the whole staff !

    True things have improved on many fields and I even reminded this to a silly white nationalist who peremptorily said that things could not improve for blacks! But that doesn't mean there's no issue regarding race and violence. The stuff media were referring to was Knockout Attacks when a young thug sucker punches a stranger on the street for no reason, it turns out most victims were white and most perpetrators were black.

  26. Nicholas Hunter Folkes says:

    The above article states, "Blacks are over-represented in acts of murder and violent crime in the U.S. and other countries"….then the victims narrative follows – what rubbish. Black men are racist and racially target whites in extreme acts of violence. Maybe blacks should accept responsibility instead of blaming others for their own actions? The black African victims narrative is a pathetic excuse for a failed people.

  27. Nicholas Hunter Folkes says:

    Blaming others for your own violence is just wrong. Violence is an excuse and should never be accepted. Black Africans and white liberals are mentally deranged always blaming the victim while the perpetrator is excused.

  28. Look people its pretty damn simple and it doesn't take much. Life is easy. All u have to do is live it. My daddy always told me that by being black, you have to work twice as hard to get half as far. That has been true. But once somebody figured out I knew what the hell I was doing, they gave me the road with no questions asked! How many people do you know screwed up at an early age, maybe went to jail or prison. Did that same person get out and work themselves thru colleg? No freaking excuses people. Your willingness to pull yourself up by your own boot straps and want something better will get you something better. Get up off your asses and educate yourselves and stop pointing fingers. Judge yourself and make the necessary changes. Your work ethic says everything about who you are. So with that being said, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? Black men love your kids. You don't have to live together hell, you don't even have to spend any money. Try talking to your kids and see what happens. God gave you the damn tools, use the damn things. Now, calling all haters!

  29. Lupe King says:

    First let me say, Don't misunderstand anything I state as a means to blame but its a means to understand & comprehend.
    What happened to the Jews was in Germany. Young American Jewish children are made to learn their history, culture and native language & also made to make pilgrimage to Concentration Camps where their ancestors endured the atrocities of war.
    AA, or so called blacks, were IMPORTED to the US. From different tribes: Africa is a Continent, a huge Continent with different countries, cultures and languages. Institutionalized Racism in America isn't an excuse but is in fact a reality. Does it effect everyone, yes but it effects everyone differently; some more severely than others. Imbalanced comparisons are being made not comparing apples to apples but rather apples to eggs or apples to milk (just an analogy).
    The two ethnic groups in the US most effected by Institutionalized racism are Native Americans & African Americans; both have very similar histories. The difference is that Native Americans, including the other groups such as Armenians & Chinese in Southeast Asia; ALL had their culture, language, spirituality and families intact.
    Psychology shows that the strong foundation of any person is their family & their faith…the atrocities that took place to AA in America DID NOT have the basic foundation: family & their spirituality. AA were forced to adapt to the behaviors & religious beliefs of those that owned them. Being owned by someone means you didn't have a "family" but those around you.
    People learn from nature/nurture; also basic psychology, American Psychology. For instance, when the first Africans were brought to the US, they neither had family or anyone familiar to them. In this strange land with strange people, where they did not speak the language, in order for the strange people to get them to comply to what they wanted them to do; they were whipped & beaten, and it resulted progress. This learned behavior was passed on, throughout generations. Whereas, now if an AA wanted something done & came upon resistance, they resorted to the same learned behavior that was instilled upon them.
    How do you think the first Africans learned to parent a child: by parenting their owners child b/c they could have an attachment to their biological child b/c the child was sold into bondage.
    Marriage between "property" wasn't legal in this country until generations after the first Africans came here: all the illegitimacy you talk about that's going on: is slave mentality behavior, from when a healthy male was forced to breed with a prime female. It's displaced behavior, is it justified, or does make it right, no. But again this is learned behavior that was passed down from generation to generation.
    This behavior has effected every AA here, some more severely than others; is this an excuse to the atrocities that's occurring today in AA communities; yes & no. AA aren't the only dysfunctional ethnic group in America; so are Native Americans; but Native Americans don't trust the media and won't allow them on their reservations to document their people, but AA are exposed to the media.
    Now this may sting a bit, and I am not attempting to be offensive but informative. Having said that, there's a lot on violence within the AA communities. Unfortunately, Sex trafficking is huge in the US, this is not fueled by the black community. Just as certain crimes are tagged a "black" problem caused by "black" people. Sex trafficking, internet child porn is a "white" crime fueled by "white" people but currently the laws haven't caught up to them yet & when they do, most get away with it; why, because the majority of the people involved are the same people that write the laws that govern it.
    You need to educate yourself on real history of AA in the US. The US is now recognizing the atrocities done to Native Americans and even have a ICD9 code for it classifying it as Historical Trauma. Historical Trauma is defined as trauma affecting a group of people even though the person was not directly involved in the trauma. The characteristics of Historical trauma are the characteristic that is definitely present in the AA community today: aggression, lack of self esteem, violence etc.
    On this forum, I hear a lot of people saying, "Is not that hard" but if the small percentage of AA that have successfully adapted to American's European way of thinking and have been made possible by Africans and AA that resisted European thinking, such as the Freedom Riders, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth & Marcus Garvey just to name a few. The travesty is that social injustice, institutionalized racism & inequality are very much a part of American society today and to compare AA atrocities to homosexuality is a slap in the face of every man, woman & child that fought during the Civil Rights movement & yes I have relatives that are gay and know their struggle & I totally empathize. However, AA, especially now that it seems to be open season on 'kill a black person & stand your ground,' are still fighting equality, fairness and where the color of ones skin still causes some people to stereotype. So lets not just educate ourselves by social stigmas, wrongly assuming if a crime is committed by an AA that they're deserving of it; over 90% of every case in the US is won by plea deals, and DO NOT say no can get you to confess to something you didn't do: just ask Jon Burge about getting people to confess to crimes they didn't commit and was allowed to keep his pension that was fueled by tax payers dollars.

  30. Who is violent against whites? You are paranoid. I have not heard any news stories about white men being hung from any trees, being shot for walking down a street, getting beat or shot down by the police. How does one with all the power act so weak? And how can someone be racist when the racism is being perpetuated on them? That's call fighting back but oh I guess you don't like that. I guess then what should Black people act like they did during slavery? Maybe this is a deep seated fantasy of white men since ya'll keep green lighting all these slavery movies. Everybody with half a brain can see the disparages of Black people only closet racist think otherwise.

  31. Sometimes Black people see right past the situation and therefore nobody gives any assistance. The whole point is that we are still suffering from the effects of slavery. If it was so equal we would have better living conditions and ability to compete. How do you do that with subpar schools and social conditions? Tired of hearing the pull yourself up by the bootstraps well what if you can't even afford boots? And you are wrong we didn't start the distrust it was bred in us and it has been that way since slavery. I guess when you go to European schools they don't teach you how to form logical conclusions.

  32. Ben Wade says:

    Good points sir, I believe this article was more so focused on what was the catalyst of criminal activity for young black men. The work ethic of some of our youth is far below standard, but for the most part there are plenty young black men who simply do not get offered the same opportunities as others. Only point I'd make is that your speaking about yourself and not taking into consideration what hardships others will face. There will always be someone who has it harder than we think we had it. Not trying to diminish your struggles. I just want to be sure we are being fair to young black men like myself who are felons, college educated, and have a great work ethic. Unfortunately, in this backwards nation its not as easy as just pulling yourself up by your boot straps.

  33. Akosua Kyeremaa says:

    It's so crazy u kn

  34. Tahz Rufus Walker says:

    Nicholas Hunter Folkes Nicholas, spoken like a true capitalist, patriarchal, imperialist, fundamentalist neophobe. And also a top troll for the conservative right. Keep the masses divided and while the poor fight, climb the capitalist ladder. Great strategy, if it didn't collapse the system every 25 years. Your words fall on deaf ears, and your wreak fear with no one. If you need a venue for more cock-blockery, you need look no further than your crotch. So much hate Nicholas are you not a religious man??

  35. Phoenix MerQury says:

    Self-hatred and low self-esteem are two different things, although somewhat similar. Low self-esteem stems from many things and one is lack of intelligence (or having to hide it). Young black men seem to frown upon intelligence. When I was coming up, speaking street slang made you appear manly, while using proper English made others think of you as either 'gay' or 'you think you're better than me'. For girls, 'oh, she's a stuck up white wannabe'.
    What has these people deep in a powerful trance is the garbage music they listen to and the trash they watch on television. Lets not tap-dance around it. They're under a spell. Whatever they see and hear, they imitate; monkey see, monkey do. I don't think they are self hating at all… they just have very low self-esteem. They're afraid to be themselves as individuals so they conform to appease the popular cliques.
    Take a listen to what's most popular in black music today. It's depressing. Then take a close look at all the movies with all black casts- the exact same formula as if black people have no imagination whatsoever. All the storylines are monotonous and don't get me started on the whole Tyler Perry thing. We tend to avoid speaking the truth because the truth hurts. When someone comes along and makes a valid point, the first thing angry black people do is go on attack mode.
    Lastly, I GUARANTEE, the moment young artists in music/media start doing positive things and wearing belts so that their underwear doesn't show, the youngsters will more than likely follow suit. Lets hope they start WEARING suits.
    We need to be teaching our kids how to gain and maintain confidence and how to be respectable individuals. To be independent and expect nothing for free. Love yourselves and others. None of this is being taught. The only thing being taught is how to hate white people and I feel like we are doing far more damage to ourselves than anything else.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Charles Reaves I'm so sorry for you and your people having to live under such atrocious conditions. I'm certain you will be much happier back in The Motherland and know of many whites who will happily pay for your (one way) fare back. I will personally help you pack.

  37. James Stanford says:

    This article is lame and seems to be heavily influenced by a white perspective

  38. Mark Rivera says:

    me @ ….and to Me, I'd like to personally escort you back to where you came from and kick you, and the rest of the European Criminals who stole America, out of here. We True Americans will get along fine with out you thieves and Beggars from Europe.

  39. Mark Rivera says:

    Lupe King Lupe, You have to understand, We got the absolute white trash of Europe over here. All of these people were basically the scum of society over there and were not wanted. All those people who couldn't compete in their home land had to come here and instead of creating a society devoid of racism corruption and Royalist thinking they instead act like they are better than everyone else. You can put lip stick on a pig and its still a pig.

  40. Jan Pink says:

    I think the people who wrote this article should try walking in the shoes of a black man and then come back and write about it. Yes it is easy to be drawn into the blame culture but
    seriously there is still very much prevalent institutional racism. Unfortunately on earth that will not be eradicated. This is life as we know it. Education is an important factor which needs to be endorsed by the very ones who says they want changes.

  41. Phoenix MerQury says:

    @ Herman Williams
    The word 'nigger' has become even more sugarcoated as 'ninja'. Clearly there is an identity crisis involved because most of the people I know who use that word instead have no right to call themselves ninjas by definition. When an individual is stripped of his/her identity, such individual becomes predictable and they are much easier to control. I wonder if anyone can see the pieces on the chessboard? The black pawns are attacking everyone including each other.
    I'll just keep moving like a knight.

  42. John Prewett says:

    Jan Pink "there is still very much prevalent institutional racism" … yes, it is called "affirmative action" and "quotas"

  43. Max Meacham says:

    This article is a joke. It's simple. Lack of parenting – i.e. no father figure, no supervision, selfish parents, no discipline – breeds dysfunction and rotten kids. You couple this with a "society owes us" mentality with gangster worship, you'll see widespread violence. You cannot blame it on anything else. How long are blacks going to keep giving excuses like the ones you see here in this article? Black families were actually much better before the civil rights movement in the late sixties. Blacks had fairly normal statistics that were consistent with other races before the late sixties. The welfare platform encouraged fatherless homes and thus spearheaded black demise.

  44. Max Meacham says:

    Actually, the welfare platform made black families much worse by encouraging fatherless homes. I agree though, no accountability and pointing fingers isn't going to help blacks improve.

  45. Ruff A Veli says:

    You continue to post this same stuff all over the place and it couldn't be anymore wrong. I see you posting it on The Free Press Daily and you still continue as if its right, when it's not true. You paint a portrait of the whole Black Community and it's various reasons for the problem. I know of plenty of Black Men in jail for violent crimes who were raised by two parents and had a stable family. What's the excuse for white families and their violence ?

  46. Ruff A Veli says:

    Joyce, now post about whites. If you don't, I will.

  47. I believe this is another biased article from white perspective. The white power structure wants to enslave, fearfully beat, rape, and kill our ancestors. Segregate us as if were not humans, quartine us in some of the harshest ghetto's and then tell us take responsibility? Haha get out of here, i think white america should take responsibility for how and what they did to our people. What do you think our young kids think looking back on all the bad things that happen to there people? White america has us still enslave mentally from almost 500years devilish acts but hey no apologies needed white america because we should just move on right.

  48. Ptah El Amen says:

    Actually whites suck up most of the welfare, and also are just as violent towards each other, check the numbers my friend, you just don't see white on white violence propagated like it is in the black community.

  49. Joyce Willis says:

    Ptah El Amen This documentary exposes nicely the correlation between race and statistical aberration…

  50. Max Meacham says:

    It's true. Whites as well as other races don't have the criminal stats as blacks do. I've said nothing that isn't true. If what I say isn't true, tell me why blacks are in the state they're in. Did I say all blacks? No. Parenting is the problem or lack thereof. Did I say ONLY broken homes? No. But are broken homes commonplace among black communities? Yes. Are they with other races? Not nearly the stats as blacks. Do research yourself. Proof is everywhere. But I think you are just in denial and whip out the victim card as most blacks do. As I said before, the "society owes us" mentality coupled with we are "special" can damage a child as well. Hate is bred and entitled minds can ruin a community. Denial such as yours only manifests and stagnates progress, while children suffer. If u want to compare white crime stats with black, I'll do it. .. but it'll only prove my point.

  51. John Prewett says:

    Ptah El Amen notes "whites suck up most of the welfare" ….//.. Ever notice that officially, whites outnumber blacks 6 to 1 ? Whites are not taking 6 x s as much welfare money. white on white and black on black is not the issue. The issue is explaining why about 90% of interracial violent crime is black perp. Why the disparity ? Answer: White liberals and Fed government have led many blacks to believe all their problems were/are due to the evil white man, therefore whitey deserves punishment. "Reparations" is just one of the manifestations of the "blame it all on whitey" mentality.

  52. John Prewett says:

    Randy Preston thinks " Without racism, we have no slavery" …. Was not "racism" that caused slaves to be brought to the Americas. It was love of money. At that time in history, slaves were the cheapest way to supply labor to plantation and, Africa was the source of the cheapest slaves. Furthermore, America in general does NOT owe it's economic growth and progress to slavery. American economic growth and progress mostly came after slavery was abolished. An environment that rewarded efficiency and technological progress made America the most productive nation that had ever existed. Slavery undercut the value of labor, thus conflicting with the welfare of most whites, who were laboring class. Slavery also retarded the creation of labor saving technology, especially rural technology. America was economically better off without slavery.

  53. John Prewett says:

    I was 16 in 1964 when pastor [real name] Bledsoe at the 1st Methodist "church" i
    n Haines City Florida announced to the congregation that he was a "nxxxer lover."

    He then proceeded to expound on Jesus "love one another" command, reminding us we must love our siblings in Jesus of all colors. Couple of weeks later, several Blacks attended the service. They were ushered to the middle of the "church." After service outside there 15-20 minutes of interracial hand shaking and chatting and then all went home.

    1966 [my grad year] first Black students [5-6] attended HC high school.
    I neither saw or heard any hostility from anyone.

    Most of my middle-class white teen peers accepted [didn’t protest] the government rational for so-called “Affirmative Action.” We docilely accepted the government endorsed view that all whites had been bad to blacks [or at least had accepted the “privileges garnered from other whites being bad to blacks] ,… and “Affirmative Action” was meant as a way to bring about racial healing.

    Racial healing. The Holy Grail. As a nation we were on the way to a utopia of racial harmony.

    At “church” youth meetings, we often sang KUMBAYA. We listened to:

    “come on people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together
    try to love one another right now” — The Youngbloods – Get Together 1968

    ”…Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planets,
    and luuve will steer the stars ” From Age of Aquarius – 1969 – 5th Dimension

    [what a load of happy horseshit]

    ”I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony ” Coca cola song 1971

    “She was black as the night .Louie was whiter than white . Ain't no diff'rence
    if you're black or white . Brothers, you know what I mean” Stories 1973

    Ebony and Ivory – McCarthy & Stevie Wonder 1982.

    Silly us. We were thoughtlessly blissfully unaware that a significant faction of blacks
    interpreted the government endorsed “white oppressor” view of history as license/justification
    to commit crime against the “evil white oppressor whites” who surely were the cause of every
    problem [real or imagined] that plagues the black community.

    Maybe acknowledging that what our leaders did in the 60s would make us 2nd class
    citizens in what we had naïvely thought was “our” nation was too painful to recognize.

  54. Ptah El Amen says:

    Last thing I'm going to say, ever since whites crawled out of the caucus mountains they've caused nothing but death and destruction. First they enslaved, raped, and murdered their own people, when that wasn't fun anymore they moved on to other yellow, brown, black and beige people. From the almost complete annihilation of the Native Americans, the billions murdered and enslaved during the trans Atlantic slave trade, the bombing of the Chinese, and now the so called war on terrorism has racked up more the murder and death than any other people. It's as almost like whites are not from this planet. Someone asked why has the Asian been able to pull themselves up by their bootstraps? Well that's because whites didn't steal their boots, they weren't enslaved, given a false religion, nor taken from their native land. Black on Black crime will never reach the total of casualties caused by whites. I'm not condemning all whites because I know it's really only a small portion of the race that is doing this, and they will do it to you just as they would do it to me because really it's all about money. I don't blame whitey, he's only trying to survive, although I don't agree with his methods. It's important for me to know the nature of the white man, and his nature shows in his deeds; I don't need to blame, I just continue to educate myself and develop ways to get from off under this diabolical scheme of white supremacy. With that, I wish you all the best. Peace and blessings.

  55. Joyce Willis says:

    Ptah El Amen More false rhetoric and logic. The FACT remains that blacks in EVERY Western country account for the most crime per population, in the USA, Canada, Brazil, UK, France, Germany, Sweden etc etc etc etc etc…That is not a co-coincidence,

  56. Joyce Willis says:

    Ptah El Amen More false rhetoric and logic. The FACT remains that blacks in EVERY Western country account for the most crime per population, in the USA, Canada, Brazil, UK, France, Germany, Sweden etc etc etc etc etc…That is not a co-coincidence,

  57. John Prewett says:

    "Nearly 70% of the devastating violence we experience in our communities is committed by white men …" Ever notice white men outnumber black men about 6 to one ? So if the violence was proportional to the % of whites compared to blacks, then more like 600 % of the violence would be from white men. I'd bother to post assorted statistics regarding interRacial violence if I thought you cared.

  58. John Prewett says:

    In times past manual labor was needed, respected and rewarded more than today.
    Blacks disproportionately impacted by loss of manual labor jobs in last century.

    Over decades many blue collar manufacturing jobs have vanished.
    Today few if any can support wife and couple of kids on manual labor wages.

    Many blacks today in prison in times past would be working on farm or in factory.
    Society constantly having less need for manual labor and increasingly requiring more formal education disproportionately hurt blacks.

    Search engine: IQ gap. Everyone is not cut out to absorb years of formal education.

    That is at least a factor causing disproportionate anger in blacks directed toward society in general.

  59. John Prewett says:

    And if by "our communities" he means black communities, then his claim is particularly absurd.

  60. John Prewett says:

    Robert Jensen's The Color of the Race Problem Is White" is the title of the first U-Tube John Lindsay presented as [I suppose] John Lindsay's beliefs about the cause of racial conflict in the USA.
    "The Race Problem is White.”
    Not that Whites are partly to blame, but rather totally to blame.
    Not that SOME Whites are to blame, but rather just "Whites"
    as if all Whites that ever lived are to blame.

    "Whites are to blame" sums up what the left wing/"progressives"/liberals/socialist/communist have been claiming for decades, if not longer.

    It Is now an article of faith for many [if not most] Blacks.

    "Whites are the problem, the trouble makers.”

    I participate in the Facebook Black forums,
    and in the past have participated in other Black run forums.

    It’s become apparent to me that the only Whites and Blacks that are and will be
    in real harmony, find it in shared faith in Jesus. In heeding “love one another” Jesus.

    We recognize that good and evil people are sprinkled out in all races.

    Who will cease seeking to punish all of any color group for the sins/crimes
    [real and imagined] of some of that color group.

    Who cease with the collective guilt concept.

    Who cease harping on the sins/crimes of some the other group
    while playing dumb about the sins/crimes of some of their own group.

  61. John Prewett says:

    About 200 black "youths" rampage through Louisville. IOW: just kids having fun … beating up and robbing people … same ole same ole

  62. Blackman Freeman Desvigne says:


  63. " The violence we see among our Black youth is an emulation of the cultural ways of their oppressor."

    Oppression of more than 50 years ago? How do these 'youth' know anything about it?
    It's a 'generational curse' – attitudes and stories passed on from the parents.

    Until the mothers and hopefully, fathers of these 'youth' start teaching self confidence, self control, personal responsibility, and a respect for all people – including or especially authoritarian figures, these 'youth' will never change and will never try to. This means, from the cradle. You can't wait until they are teens to start trying to instill correct attitudes in them.

    The citizens of America will never be able to do what a good parent can do. The changes needed will only take root in a few, and the same ol' same ol' attitudes of the black generations will continue to stagnate and fester.

  64. Michael Joiner says:

    Jews went through the holocaust….I have never once heard even one use it as an excuse to; rob, rape, commit theft, go on welfare….they overcome and made wise individual choices that led to them being productive and successful members of society…

  65. John Tygart says:

    Oscar William Sims only because there are so many more whites than blacks number wise, but look at the percentage of each racial group that collects benefits and you will see that blacks are much more likely than whites to collect welfare. And whites are not "just as violent" as blacks. The truth is blacks are much more likely to commit crimes as whites are. numbers mean nothing percentages do

  66. Linda-Ruth Cardozo says:

    Jermaine Perkinson Knockout Game?

  67. Joyce Willis Comedian Chris Rock, who is black, says that when he's at an ATM, he isn't worried about a white person near him, but he IS worried about that "nigger" over in the shadows.

  68. Chris Lee says:

    Max Meacham so is the thinking that the WRONG social program was applied..but it's going to TAKE a social program of some sort?

  69. I don't know where these people who write these things get their stats, but you can bet your ass none of the above have "plummeted".

  70. Oscar William Sims Funny thing Oscar, no whites killed anybody in the crowd in Ferguson, MO. but two blacks were killed by other blacks. They can't take a holiday when offered, can they?

  71. Ruff A Veli Go ahead and post. Nothing can come close to the crime that blacks commit.

  72. Frank Cartwright Exactly what I preach to my children!!! They bitch so much about how the beautiful USA has held them down but…………their "brothers and sisters" in Africa live in shit holes too full of disease and filth. The apple truly didn't fall from that big tree!!

  73. Oscar William Sims You suck at history. lol.

  74. John Prewett says:

    Oscar William Sims, There are 6x as many whites in America than blacks. So of course whites consume most "welfare". Last I checked about 7% of whites were on welfare. About 25% of blacks on welfare. Couple of years more of leadership such as USA has had for past 50 years and probably be 50% of whites on welfare and 80% of blacks on welfare. Unless the whole systems folds and there is no welfare for anybody. Oscar, I don't blame common whites or common blacks for the creation of the counter-productive welfare system. Nor for the many destructive policies/ideologies imposed on America by assorted "elites" for decades.

  75. Jeff Edwards says:

    How many decades now has it been that the US has given the black Americans every advantage possible, through millions if not trillions of dollars. They have the naacp, united negro college fund, equal education ect, ect it goes on and on. Somehow they still remain largely poor and disadvantaged. Enough is enough. Drop the slave chip from your backs and take responsibility for your own actions. Nothing in life is free. Many of the friends in my life are black. They all work and support themselve. The trouble with public assistance. Black or white is that it creates another form of slavery beholding to the government for their every need. Break the chains people.

  76. This is a joke. Right?

  77. Anonymous says:

    I do not agree with this article at all. There is not a single black male alive in this country who has ever faced slavery so that reason is completely out of the context. The reasons written here are partially correct but very tactfully ignores the real reasons for black males being trigger happy violent. You can argue as much as you want or most likely blacks will get upset by reading these comments but if you think about it unbiasedly for a few minutes you will admit they are the correct reasons.

    1. African americans grow up in neighbor hoods where they witness and learn violence. They are taught to "survive". The world is a jungle and they are hunting for "whats theres".

    2. Most black adults abuse their children and beat them up. So growing up being defiant and violent is not something unthinkable.

    3. Inferiority complexes which is hard wired in their brains since they are kids. They revert to violence to gain the "trust and allocades of their mentors".

    4. Plenty of time on their hands. When you grow up doing nothing. and see your parents doing nothing their whole lives. You have no reason or motivation left to try or work hard.

    5. Drugs and gun cultures. Both are more readily available in black areas than in white areas.

    6. At genetic level. it has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt that there is gene related to aggression and violence. This gene in dephosphyralated form is the active form of the genome. Black males have this gene 10 times more than other races.

    7. The success of black immigrants from Kenya, Sudan, Senegal, nigeria etc. Shows that all of the reasons described in this article are NOT valid. If these people can survive and be successful under these circumstances iimd. n a relative short amount of tso can be African Americans. But living in this country for 400 years and nothing has changed. There is a reason. Think about it.

  78. In the reading of this article, if we remove the language, '' Black '' it is the reading of the mental phychosis that crips America in general, non-specific, to any race, the violence of a Nation, rather than any specific culture. As far as mainstream media is concerned; they wish to dramatize violence, as they have long before parchment or paper and pen were developed. So this form of cultural or national violence is nothing new. What is new is the medium used to dissemnate violence. Criminal Minds and other similar gendre are popular in the American Conscious, due to its violent content and dysfunctional social order that tend towards violence and cruelty. We speak of violence in the African American communties as if it is the exception rather than the American Norm. But what troubles me is the heighten expression of violence by the media; in the African American Community, while little attention is given to the positive interaction of our communities.. As trend and thought provocators the media is guilty of bias and prejudice in their reporting.

  79. .

    Red Cry (2013) | Watch the Full Documentary Online.

    111 minutes | Red Cry is an original, feature-length documentary film chronicling the lives of Lakota Elders and Oyate (people) in the face of ongoing genocide against the Lakota by government and corporate interests.

  80. Generalizations! All black people do not hate or victimize themselves or any one else as this article may have the reader to believe. Asinine!

  81. I saw a horrifying story of a little girl, who was raped, beaten, denied education, told she would never amount to anything in life, finally separated from her siblings and sold off to black market prostitution,, all of this by her stepdad. He was never even arrested for such horrific crimes, whereas she has suffered tremendously in life due to these heinous crimes committed against her. I think she will need a lot of counseling going forward in life, just wondering if you think counseling will help her out, or if it's even necessary?

  82. Adam Guzman says:

    This was a good post except for the slavery part! SERIOUSLY? Slavery and racism have nothing to do with each other! Racism caused these things without a doubt, but not slavery. Slavery was a thriving practice in all of the world.

  83. Gibson Ampaw says:

    Well written article by the cultural marxist lol

  84. Wow… In the years of the Vietnam war 13 to be exact 58,000 soldiers were killed. 13% were black. In the same years 100,000 blacks were killed by their own hands in black on black crime. Slavery my }#%%%^^}…. The one thing everyone fails to mention, especially OBozo, is to BEHAVE. Follow the law!

  85. I think ANYTHING you or anyone else can do to help this young lady would be a positive thing in her life. As a therapist, yeah I could advise that route but really, truly, what this young lady needs is someone who cares to listen to her – listen to her and help her get her life on track. Unfortunately, I know many, many more incompetent/useless therapists than I know ones who can help – so don't let that deter you. Anyone who cares enough to help, can…and should. Good luck to that young lady, and bless you for caring enough to ask this question.

  86. There is no "violent gene" – you don't cite any of this so-called "proof", I see. What a bunch of bigoted garbage you've written, full of stereotypes and ignorance. Shameful.

  87. Most people on public assistance are children, the disabled, and the elderly, so your argument holds no water. I am so sick of seeing this same old "pull yourselves out of your situation" nonsense from other whites (I am white, yes), as no one ever puts any thought into this subject at all – they just continue to repeat what conservatives say, without any investigation on their part or even without any critical thinking. Did you even read the article? I doubt it, because your comment doesn't even address what was being posed – all you saw was "slavery" and you went off on your tangent, repeating conservative nonsense.

  88. Your ideas belie the notion that "Jesus" can solve this problem you see. The reason? Your text is mostly full of entitled, hateful, passive-aggressive anger towards Black Americans. No one is fooled by your "let's all hold hands and love Jesus" stuff.

  89. You wrote it yourself, that you and your middle-class white friends didn't really protest "affirmative action" – I will go one better and state, by the dates you cite (and cultural references), you were most likely one of the many, MANY high schoolers at the time who cared more about what they were going to wear to prom than anything else, while the few of us who actually weren't shallow little snobs were out protesting the Vietnam War and other things. In fact, you probably shouted, "Love it or leave it" at us every time we saw you in the halls – when you have your football players around to protect you. You never believed in equality – the fact that you think it's ok for a pastor to use the n-word speaks volumes about where your head is at – and you were probably just as conservative as you are today. Now you're old, bitter, and ranting (probably) about how other people are living high on the hog on "your" social security. Go watch your "stories", Gramps, and mutter to yourself.

  90. Oscar William Sims Yeah, if you don't count domestic violence, which is very common in "white on white" assault. Signed, a domestic violence survivor.

  91. Joyce Willis Thank you, Miss White Irish Person, for explaining the "real Black experience" to the rest of us. You live in a country where people still use the phrase "colored people", and who have no understanding whatsoever of the American experience, especially when it comes to race relations. I lived in Ireland and, while I do love it there, it is one of the more bigoted countries in terms of how people from other cultures are treated. So keep your nonsense to yourself.

  92. John Prewett says:

    Victoria Pomeroy Why are Blacks "behind" ? Evil Whites oppressing them
    says liberal establishment and a significant faction of Blacks.
    Racial "bottom line" is a combination and vicious cycle.

    1] Blacks got the physical edge/more testosterone
    which contributes to more aggressive behavior
    [and denser bone/muscle tissue]

    2] Search engine IQ gap. ["bottom line" reason blacks are behind in everything except athletics and violent crime stats]

    3] Forced integration. [exacerbates racial animosity]

    4] Manual/blue-collar labor devaluation [due to technology progress]
    disproportionately negatively impacted black family/community. Blacks especially hurt by virtual elimination of rural farm work due to mechanization. Blacks did not thrive as well as whites in city and factory.

    5] Tax, labor, trade and environmental laws caused corporations to move
    many jobs overseas which negatively impacted all Americans, however,
    disproportionately negatively impacted black family/community.

    6] Fed gov welfare policy penalizes family and work and rewards fertility.

    7] "Affirmative Action" constitutes Fed gov endorsement of the left wing/black power establishment article of faith that blacks lag behind due to white racism/oppression.
    A faction of blacks interprets that as justification for violent crime against the "oppressors."
    “AA” also causes resentment among whites who refuse to plead guilty to crimes [real and imagined] committed by others [committed even centuries ago].

    8] Anti-Social [“Fuxk the Police”] black pop “culture.”

    9] For decades major advertising, movies and pop culture has deliberately incited and increased racial animosity by commonly and increasingly portraying and encouraging black male-white female hook up. Contributing to this is MSMedia glorification of athletes which is the main Black strong suit.

    10] Academia teaches blacks to hate whites. See Nkosi Thandiwe
    For the past 50 years, the Federal government, Academia, Entertainment Industry and Mass Media have taught whites the wonderfulness of integration and "diversity."
    While simultaneously teaching blacks to hate and despise the "oppressor" whites.

    11] Promulgation of the "White Privilege" doctrine which incites and justifies black on white violent crime.

    Blacks are at bottom of every list involving intelligence.
    Blacks are at top of every list of violent criminality.

    There are lots of violent white criminals. They rarely target blacks.
    For all violent criminals, whites are the victims of choice.

    Ps: All wishing reconciliation should go to the corner
    of “all have sinned” and “love one another.” We’ll be waiting.

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