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Chris Brown Out of Rehab, Countersues Alleged Battery Victim

Investigators can't find footage of Chris Brown fight in DCChris Brown has been released from rehab after 16 days and is countersuing the woman who claims he allegedly shoved down inside a nightclub over the summer.

Brown checked into the anger management rehab program a little more than two weeks ago after he allegedly got into a scuffle with a fan in Washington, D.C.

Despite his originally planned 3-month stay, the tattoo-covered crooner is already checking out.

According to his lawyer Mark Geragos, who also dropped Brown off at the rehab center, Brown is out so he can begin his community service …almost three months early.

Rumor has it that the “Fine China” singer only checked in to the program to get him back in good graces with the L.A. County Probation Department officials, but after they weren’t buying the act it seems as though Brown was ready to hightail it out of there.

Geragos also claimed that his client will continue treatment as an outpatient.

Quite frankly, staying checked in the Malibu treatment center probably would have worked in Chris’ best interest as no one could make any more battery and assault charges against him while he was there.

It seems like every month another Chris Brown fan accuses the singer of some sort of violent act. The most recent allegation was, of course, the D.C. incident that landed the singer in jail for a short amount of time.

It wasn’t long ago that Brown was accused of battery as well when a club-goer, Deanna Gines, claimed he shoved her to the ground so hard inside an O.C. nightclub that she tore a ligament in her right knee.

Brown recently decided he’s ready to fire back at Gines with his own lawsuit.

Gines was interviewed on TMZ Live and she added more details to the battery accusations. According to Chris and his legal team, that’s defamation of character because the incident supposedly didn’t happen that way.

Brown’s countersuit claims that the singer had absolutely no contact with the woman and she was even confused about which leg she injured after authorities arrived.

The legal documents also portray Gines as being “heavily intoxicated and falling over herself in a drunken stupor throughout the night.”

It also accuses Gines of screaming vulgar language at club security and throwing objects at them, a claim that initially had no evidence until TMZ posted a video of the night in question.

As it turns out Gines is indeed going on a drunken tirade in what appears to be a parking deck and is caught on camera throwing something at security personnel. Not to mention her “limp” is almost non-existent, especially odd considering she claims she tore a ligament in her knee.

For those who don’t know, a torn ligament in the knee certainly isn’t an injury you can just limp away. Most athletes who tear ligaments during a game are carried off the playing field by medical experts.

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