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Black Mecca: 10 Amazing Facts About Atlanta

ATL Airport Open ArmsBlack Mecca

The 2010 U.S. Census recorded Atlanta as the nation’s fourth largest majority Black city, and it has long been known as a center of African-American political power, education, and culture.

Often called a Black Mecca, the city is home to the Atlanta University Center, a consortium of historically Black colleges that produces more African-American post graduates than any college system excluding Howard University.

With more than 60,000 Black-owned companies, Atlanta is bursting at the seams with Black entrepreneurs. In addition, almost 25 percent of Black adults in Atlanta have degrees, which accounts for the large numbers of African-Americans employed in major and mid-sized corporations.


Black Metro Atlanta by The Numbers

  • 1.7 million -Black residents who call the Atlanta region home as of 2010, comprising 34 percent of the total metropolitan population.
  • 518,734 – Black residents added from 2000 through 2010 to the Atlanta region, the largest net gain of any racial or ethnic group. Since 2000, the Atlanta region has added 281,556 whites, 278,549 Hispanics and 118,348 Asians.


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  1. Annette Scott says:

    The example.

  2. Lauren Johnson says:

    Kanye west is from Chicago. That was the only thing incorrect about this article…

  3. Jermaine Davis says:

    I'm sorry, but if what I read is suppose to be amazing, then we are in serious trouble!

  4. Arianna Sikes says:

    We Atlanta natives, are very clear about what is Atlanta…within I-285 (Fulton County). When you refer to the metropolitan area, then you are including more than 20 counties outside of Atlanta, and do not make up the city. The recent example is the move of the Braves to Cobb County. Cobb County is Atlanta-adjacent, but it is NOT Atlanta. Hence, all the money the city and county (Fulton) will be missing out on. Please do your statistics for Fulton County in the future.

  5. Chris Jones says:

    He was raised in Chicago, but he has said himself that he was born in Atlanta.

  6. Felecia Robinson says:

    we are but then again where is DC?

  7. Felecia Robinson says:

    Chris Jones Chicago can have hi. it's okay lol.

  8. Jackie Brown says:

    These articles include the metro Atlanta not just Fulton county but 5 surrounding counties, Cobb included also dekalb, Clayton & gwinett. . Atlanta being the center the metro area usually compromises a 30 mile radius..

  9. It's a really fantastic place to live 🙂

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