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Photography Student Turns the Lens on Men Who Made Her Uncomfortable with Catcalls

catcallWalking through the streets of Philadelphia exposed 28-year-old Hannah Price to experiences she said were unfamiliar and unpleasant.

Upon moving to the east coast from suburban Colorado in 2009, Price — who identifies as African-Mexican-American and is currently pursuing an MFA in photography at Yale University — had become consistently harassed by men on the street.

As she traveled around Philadelphia, she was catcalled by men who hoped their call for her attention would be acknowledged and perhaps, spark an introduction.

And it did – however, Price’s interaction with these men went beyond conversation and ultimately, produced powerful portraits that she captured on camera.

“When I first moved to Philly, I was very uncomfortable and very angry actually because of all the attention I was getting just because I was a woman,” Price told theGrio in a phone interview.

“That’s why I used photography, it helped with that transition,” she added.

In her latest photographic collection, City of Brotherly Love, Price showcases a series of still images she took of men she was approached by on the street.

Many of the photos are taken minutes after she was catcalled. She said they reflect candid moments that led her to respond to these men, introduce herself and ask to have their photo taken.

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