6 Very Warm and Inspiring Black Love Stories



Ralph and Tillie Lee Pullin

After an incredible 75 years of marriage, Ralph and Tillie Lee Pullin are getting a lot of unexpected attention for being one of the longest-living married couples in Georgia. The McDonough couple tied the knot in 1938 after two years of dating. Mr. Pullin said  that it was a strong attraction at first sight. “She had to sit on part of my knee!  And that got my attention like– a live wire,” he said.

Though their courtship has had its challenges — for two years the pair had to keep their relationship secret from Mrs. Pullin’s mother, instead telling her that Mr. Pullin was dating his wife’s older sister — their union is still going strong today.

Their union has produced eight children, six grandchildren,  33 great-grandchildren, one great-great-grandchild, and another on the way. Now the Pullin’s long-lasting devotion has been recognized in a proclamation from their mayor and a congratulatory letter from President Obama.

When asked about the secret of their successful marriage, a tearful Mr. Pullin said they would not have gotten to this point without the grace of God. “Our marriage was like the ocean,” said Mr. Pullin. “I’m not trying to say big words, but you know how the ocean waves go up and down?  At the bottom, God was there.  And every time we hit bottom, God pushed us back up.”


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