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Lack of Healthy Blood Circulation Could Lead to Stroke


A stroke happens when there’s a disruption of blood flow and oxygen to the brain. There are different types of stroke, each defined by its root cause. But regardless of the cause, stroke is an extremely serious condition that requires immediate attention.

Poor blood flow will undoubtedly lead to lack of oxygen to the brain. The toxins and obstructions in the blood take up available room for oxygen and vital life essence (chi). When oxygen is cut off at the blood-brain barrier, stroke is the result.

Because oxygen is the primary fuel for the brain, lack of it could result in neurological damage, which is where paralysis and speech defects come into play.

Causes and Risk Factors

Ischemic strokes are caused by blocked arteries in the brain. Types of Ischemic strokes include thrombotic stroke (blockage caused by blood clot) and embolic stroke (blood clot breaks away).
Hemorrhagic strokes are caused by blood vessels or arteries that leak or rupture. The types of hemorrhagic stroke are intracerebral hemorrhage (blood vessel breaks and spills blood onto the brain) and subarachnoid hemorrhage (bleeding at the brain surface that collects between the skull and the brain).
Transient ischemic attacks are known as ‘mini strokes’ that last about five minutes or less. They are less damaging than an ischemic stroke or brain hemorrhage, but can be an indication of a bigger stroke lingering around the corner.


Symptoms of stroke include:

Difficulty talking or understanding

Numbness on one side

Extremely intense, painful headache
Trouble seeing out of one or both eyes

Healing from a stroke naturally

Magnet therapy is very beneficial for stroke recovery. Magnets enhance circulation by causing minerals to spin in the blood and thus causing friction (heat), which causes blood vessels and arteries to dilate to improve and enhance circulation, and thus blood, oxygen, and mineral flow.

The crystal melanite, a variation of garnet, is very helpful for stroke recovery. It can be used as elixir  or can be applied to the forehead.

Think about performing yoga or deep breathing exercises. These techniques will undoubtedly help improve blood and oxygen flow in the body as well as improve the circulation of “chi.”

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