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Beyonce Sky Jumps, Enjoys Ancestral War Dance in New Zealand

Beyonce continues to share offstage experiences with fans while on her world tour. Last week we learned that the 32-year-old performer jumped off the Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand.

This morning the pop star shared footage of the actual 630-foot jump. Before jumping, Bey shouted “Oh my God,” but that was quickly followed by joyful screams of someone who clearly enjoys a thrill. At the end of the jump, Bey couldn’t contain her excitement, “That is so fun, I love this!”

That may explain why she went back up for another jump.

After her concert on the 19th, Blue Ivy’s mom was honored with a Haka. The ‘Haka’ is performed by the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team before each match. Traditionally used to intimidate an opponent before battle, the ‘Haka’ is an ancestral Māori war dance.

Watch below:

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