10 Books Still Transforming The Consciousness of Black People



PowerNomics” by Claud Anderson

“PowerNomics: The National Plan to Empower Black America” is a five-year strategy for transforming Black America into a prosperous and empowered nation that is self-sufficient and competitive.

 In this book, Anderson obliterates the myths and illusion of Black progress and gathers data from many  sources to construct a framework for solutions to the obstacles facing Black America. He also proposes new principles, strategies and concepts to show African-Americans an alternative way of processing racial issues.  The book offers guidance, insightful analysis and action steps that Black people can take to redesign core areas of life – education, economics, politics and religion – to better benefit the race.

Source: http://www.bookfinder.us

Blueprint for Black Power by Amos Wilson

“Blueprint for Black Power” by Amos Wilson

This text details a master plan for a power revolution necessary for Black people’s survival in the 21st century. Wilson posits that an African-American – Caribbean -Pan-African economic and political bloc would be the best solution for the generation and delivery of Black power in the United States and the world to counter white and Asian power networks.

Source: http://www.blackbookplus.net

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