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9-Year-Old Nigerian Becomes World’s Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional

JomilojuNigeria has come on the global scene in the information communication technology sector, as 9-year-old Jomiloju Tunde-Oladipo joined the community of achievers when he became one of the world’s youngest 2013 certified Microsoft Office specialists for Office Word 2010.

Jomiloju, a primary 6 pupil of Role Model School, owned by DayStar Christian Centre, Oregun, Ikeja Lagos, broke the record created in 2012 by 10-year-old JSS1 student, Seyi-Ojo Anjolaoluwa, who was adjudged the youngest Nigerian and one of the youngest people in the world to have become a Microsoft certified professional.

Jomiloju took the July 2013 examination while in primary 5, after passing all the preparatory stages leading to the final examinations following intense teachings in school and trainings he received from United Global Resources Ltd, an accredited ICT training firm.

Odion Oyakhire, the center manager in charge of the school noted that his firm, “encourages pupils to learn ICT and get certified.”

Oyakhire explained that his firm coordinates the certification examinations for several schools and was proud to associate with Jomiloju and Role Model School on this feat. He said that the certification examination is an online, real-time test.

Before setting this new record in Nigeria for the certification examination, Jomiloju led his school to glory in June 2013, when they won an ICT quiz competition with 15 participating school in Lagos. The competition was put together by United Global Resources.

The examination report showed Jomiloju scored 769 points, 69 points higher than the required 700 to be recognized as a Microsoft Office Specialist.

Source: Nigeria Tribune

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28 thoughts on “9-Year-Old Nigerian Becomes World’s Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional

  1. U are bless more wisdom

  2. Wow good for him.

  3. Tameka Cooke says:

    This is what i like reading about

  4. Claudia M Shackleford Rameshwar says:

    This just proves what would have happened if there was no slavery. We are the most intelligent people in the world.

  5. Lewis Lampkin says:

    Smart and handsome. We must be related 😀

    I'm so happy for this child and his parents.

    I'm so sad for any adult in the future who fails this exam!

    Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

  6. Alex Ajiduah says:

    You are right….Let them know ..Slavery is not African history. Slavery interrupted African history…

  7. So proud this boy is another product of our great Revd Sam Adeyemi's Daystar Church…kudos to you boy!

  8. Yes….most time you don't get to read or hear it because they don't want you to realise your worth and that you have alternatives.

  9. Darlene Graham says:

    I Have An Awesome God

  10. Rakin Islam says:


  11. Imagine a United State of Afrika with all these highly intelligent people

  12. Valerie Spence says:

    Aawww! Bless his soul..

  13. Valerie Spence says:

    Aawww! Bless his soul..

  14. Ronessia Bey says:

    Given all the hurdles tossed at us.after millions of yesrs of BEING we still are the greatest beings on this planet

  15. Anonymous says:

    My kids are similar…I have a 9 who holds a MOS 2010 masters (he was 8 and passed the word 2010 expert) – currently taking SQL exams, with his sister who is 11 and also has the mos 2010 masters exams. From experience, its a difficult program for any child to master. Excel Expert is a nightmare for them at that age. 9 year old passed all 4 exams (with 2 failures and 1 exam with 700 exactly). 11year old passed all 4 with no failures but 2 exams right on the limit. I think its a bit different for my children though as I hold an MCT, live in the U.K. and my kids had access to plenty of hardware, software and support from Microsoft. Either way, its an excellent achievement for him and it will be interesting to see where he goes next.

  16. Brooke Lengacher says:

    The kid did great, but hearing all these racist comments about blacks being the best and yadda yadda really takes away from the story at hand. Plus, it's shirt tailing. Congratulate the child, leave your color at the door.

  17. ALL PEOPLE HAVE THE CAPACITY TO LEARN AND TO EXCEL. Racism had deprived black people of the privilege of schooling and excellence. But all people are created in the image of God the MOST INTELLIGENT BEING.

  18. If people stop letting Barney and shit teach your child & you get off your asses, teaching your children at home as well school, your child would be smart. Not dumb down by society. People say " I like reading stuff like this" …read the knowledge that got that person recognized.." BLACK POWER!!! Really…. We knew the measurement of the universe way before anyone else, be brief, we are Gods & Goddesses, step out of the bigger, the so called negro mind set you'll see how deep our minds are. It's not blackness we ain't defied by our skin. Crackers did that. We are African people no matter where we born. We are made man and woman to become GODS.

  19. Did you know the rocket that is going to Mars in 2018 was built by African engineers that NASA had rejected…..the brick that the builder rejected has become the cornerstone. #Amazing

  20. Technology is both integral to and completely separate from the process of learning. The danger of technology is that expertise in any one area is temporary, since technology is always changing, whereas learning the fundamentals of math, language and the arts will last a lifetime.

  21. Victor Denis says:

    Congratulation, good job, I hope CNN, BBC, ALJAZERA and other media houses are making it as a big and good news about Nigeria.

  22. this is a result of constant practise.well done.
    ICT should be rated as one of the major subject for primary & secondary
    students in nigeria.

  23. Hopefully they won't last "a lifetime" with no practical application… which technology could provide.

  24. Emeka… jail be your next home I swear.

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