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Gambian Father, 18-Month-Old Son Suffer Brutal Racist Assault in Sweden

Yusupha SallahAnger is mounting among anti-racism activists in Sweden over a “hate crime” meted out against a Gambian father and his son, who came under what was described as a “malicious” attack from a gang last Sunday in Malmo.

Reports monitored by the Daily Observer in the Swedish press indicated that Yusupha Sallah, a 32-year old Gambian-Swedish man and his one-and-half-year-old son were “brutally” assaulted on Sunday evening.

“The assault took place on top of the pedestrian bridge above Hyllievångsvägen in Malmö when they were on their way to the playground area Kroksbäck. Police have classified the incident as a hate crime,” reported, a Swedish-based online news website.

Reports say that when Yusupha and his son (name withheld) headed for the playground in the area, they suddenly came acrosss a group of four people on the bridge, which is about five feet above Hyllievångsvägen.

“The group consisted of one man and three women. The son was playing with a toy and without warning, a man kicked the toy from the hands of his son,” the same source added.

But Yusupha’s attempt to ask the man the reasons for his action would be the start of a series of insults and aggravated assault. “The man started yelling; “you f***  black man, I want to kill you and your son,” Yusupha told the Swedish press.

“Another gang of six men then came forward and participated in the beating of Yusupha. Several witnesses said he tried desperately to defend himself and his son, but fell down with the women holding his clothes whilst the men hit and kicked at him,” added.

“My son started crying and tried to grab my leg while they beat me,” Yusupha told the press. “I thank God that I am alive because I could have died if I fell down the five feet bridge. They took off my shoes and hit me but they stopped when they heard the police coming,” he added.

The police were reported to have transported Yusupha in an ambulance to Skåne University hospital where he was treated and kept overnight until early Monday morning when he was released.

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