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Eat Walnuts to Reduce Risk of Fatal Cardiovascular Disease

Heart disease and cancer in all different forms take the lives of nearly three-quarters of all sufferers in the U.S. each year.

Yet thousands of well-documented research studies have shown that most chronic diseases can be prevented by making simple lifestyle changes during early and middle adult years, including improvements to diet and physical activity, and elimination of cigarette smoking and exposure to toxic household and environmental pollutants.

Specific foods and nutrients such as resveratrol, curcumin, green tea and leafy greens have demonstrated properties that help to prevent and fight cardiovascular disease and cancer, and should be included as part of a regular daily diet and supplement plan.

A research study team based in Spain published the results of their work in the journal BMC Medicine, documenting that people who consume eat nuts more than three times a week reduced the risk of dying from cancer or cardiovascular disease over non-nut eaters.

To conduct their research, scientists studied the effect on the prevention of cardiovascular disease of participants who consumed a Mediterranean diet with extra nuts and extra virgin olive oil, compared with a control group following a low-fat diet.

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