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Buffalo Bills Struggle at QB Position, Add Matt Leinart to Roster

Matt Leinart has clawed his way back in the NFL.

The Buffalo Bills signed him out of free agency Sunday, after their top two quarterbacks were injured.

The Bills’ quarterback position currently looks depleted. Their first-round pick, EJ Manuel, is healing from a recent knee surgery, and Kevin Kolb has suffered from a concussion after catching a knee in the back of the helmet.

Leinart, who is now 30 years old, won the Heisman Trophy while at the University of Southern Californaia. Last season he was the backup to Carson Palmer with the Oakland Raiders.

Leinart was originally drafted with the 10th overall pick by Arizona Cardinals in 2006. He has played in 33 NFL games and he started 18 of them.

He played for three different teams, the Cardinals (2006-09), Houston Texans (2010-11), and the Raiders (2012).

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