Beyonce Films Music Video Rocking a New Bob in Miami

Beyonce and Jay Z took over Golden Beach in Miami on Thursday night, where the megastar couple was spotted filming a new music video in which Bey will be proudly rocking her new bob.

Meanwhile, Baddie Bey and HOV also took time to snap some pictures with local fans, thanking them for allowing the video to be filmed, pretty much, in their backyards.

There have been conflicting reports about the release of Beyonce’s new album, or  completed new single for that matter.

While some say Queen Bey is just taking her time and doesn’t have a concrete schedule for release of the new album, others are saying that she was close to completing it, but scrapped the entire project and started from square one—pushing her way past the original deadline.

Either way, it seems like new music might finally be on the way… even though it’ll be about four months before the video is released.

It isn’t certain what song the video was for, or whether or not it’ll even be for one of Beyonce’s songs. People are speculating that the video will be for Jay Z’s “Part II (On The Run) Feat. Beyonce,” since he collaborated with his wife for the track.

If it is for Jay’s track instead of the Queen’s, fans will probably be a little disappointed that all the social media hype was created over a song that isn’t new.

Either way, it’s still pretty cool to have Beyonce and Jay Z shooting a video in your backyard, and it’s even cooler to have them hug and joke around with you as if they were just your average next door neighbors.

The people who live on Golden Beach were told that if they didn’t take pictures or film videos of the shoot, they could meet the superstar couple after the video shoot was done.

For most celebrities, meetings fans means just a quick wave and then they’re gone. For Bey and HOV, on the other hand, it means hugs, smiles, jokes and even pictures with them.

The locals took to Twitter to praise the couple for being so kind, especially to the children who desperately wanted to meet them.

The kind-hearted gesture is yet another thing that will probably add to Blue Ivy Carter’s parents’ reputations as being incredibly famous, but normal people.

The Carters have managed to brand themselves as being rich, famous, normal people – which has skyrocketed their popularity, especially online.

Every move they make, from shopping to changing a light bulb, will surely garner headlines.

Some people, like TV talk show host Wendy Williams, have suggested that this much mainstream popularity could be a dangerous thing for the Carters’ careers – especially Beyonce’s.

Her theory is that by being over exposed in the mainstream media, people may get bored with her, or her star power could eventually dwindle.

After all, people will eventually get tired of seeing Beyonce do the same things that they do every day, like it’s a mind-blowing spectacle, right?


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