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Insomnia Can be Cured Naturally

If you’ve ever had a bout of insomnia or trouble falling asleep, and who hasn’t at one time or another, then you know that it can be a very frustrating experience. Staring at the clock, doing mental calculations – thinking that if you just fell asleep in the next five minutes you would get x hours of sleep. Not only can this be aggravating and pointless, but also can actually serve to keep us awake even longer.

Being able to get a good night’s sleep in these stressful times, is becoming more and more elusive. This is especially true in these troubled financial times. Sleep is one of the keys to health, healing and longevity. And studies show that people who sleep more are in better health, think more clearly, have more energy, live longer and their hearts are less strained throughout the day.

While there are many medicines advertised to help you fall asleep, drugs are certainly not the answer. Many sleep aids have  serious side effects associated with them, including dependency. Drugs do not cure, they only mask the symptoms, causing you to ignore the underlying cause of your insomnia. This is true of any symptom for which drugs are prescribed. Drugs can be great and life saving in acute medical emergencies and trauma, but to rely on them to do what the body is normally designed to do, is not a good idea.

It’s best to find the underlying cause of your health issue rather than using natural remedies such as herbs, breathing, meditation, or other alternative methods to re-balance the system.

In Chinese medical theory, when the conscious mind is at rest during sleep, the body uses the extra energy that it now has available to recharge and re-energize the system. When we sleep, most of the blood ends up in the liver and spleen. During this time, the liver is particularly busy not only filtering the blood, but re-energizing it. This re-energizing process is one of the main causes of our dreams, which occur due to energy re-balancing in the organs and brain.

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