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Natural Healing: Juice Fasting Does a Body Good

Fasting is basically abstinence. The word fasting is defined in modern dictionaries as: To abstain from food, esp. as a religious discipline; the act or a period of abstention from food.

Fasting is great for a myriad of health and spiritual reasons. Fasting gives the stomach a time to rest, at least for the modest and health-conscious eater (raw foodist, vegan-vegetarian); but for the average eater of the Standard American Diet (SAD), fasting does not give the stomach time to rest, but allows it to digest all the undigested food it is holding.

Americans generally eat too much and eat too much meat, dairy, refined starches and grains.

Fasting allows the colon or intestinal tract to dump or release much of the stored waste that plays a pivotal role in colon and rectal cancers. When we fast, it allows for the colon to shrink back into shape. When the colon shrinks back into shape, one result is decreased appetite.

Hunger often stems from an impacted, clogged and overfilled colon. In addition, food engineers from the processed food industry often provides lifeless food devoid of nutrition.

When we unwisely eat these so-called foods, it triggers our “body Intelligence” to make us crave more food, with more nutritional content, which would undoubtedly satisfy the hunger pangs.

But the more we eat denatured and devalued foods- fast food or junk food- the more our bodies crave food in attempt to get nutrition.

The only reason we should be eating is for nutritional purposes, but today most of us eat because of the appeal of food to the senses.  Taste, sight and smell are not the criterion for what is healthy.

Many of us also eat out of habit. When you are constantly eating dead, so-called foods that lack necessary enzymes for peristalsis (bowel movement), you eventually become clogged or constipated and chronic constipation leads to the degeneration of the colon that starts the physical aging process.

You may have heard that death and disease begin in the colon, well this is so very true! Likewise, life and good health begin in the colon.

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