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Ashanti Wants Ciara and Rihanna to Share the Spotlight, Considers Workout Video

Ashanti is on a promotional trek for her upcoming studio album, “Braveheart.” Along the way, she stopped by Bravo TV’s Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live.”

During her sit down along with her mother, Tina Douglas, at the bar and actress Christina Ricci in the adjacent seat, Ashanti answered questions from fans ranging from R&B divas Ciara and Rihanna –  to her ex-boyfriend, Nelly.

The first came from a fan on Facebook, picking Ashanti’s brain about the very unnecessary beef between Rihanna and Ciara, Ashanti answered:

“I think Rihanna is killin’ it right now. She’s very free. I think Ciara’s definitely doing her thing. I like her new video. I think there’s room for every chick that wants to get down and just be big in the business. You have to have your swag and great records so I think there’s room.”

Ciara, clearly confused over where the bad blood began, shared similar views about Rihanna earlier this year while in New York, saying:

“I can’t tell you anything. You have to ask her. I mean, she’s so vocal maybe she can say whatever it is. I don’t know. And at this point, I don’t care. I really don’t care. I wish her well. She has a lot of great things going on with her. I mean she’s like rockin’, doing it really, really, really big. We’re women in this. It don’t need to be all that. She’s got too much good going on to even be consumed with that kind of energy so I don’t know. I wish her well.”

Back at WWHL, another fan lauded Ashanti’s figure and demanded her fitness secrets, to which she replied:

“I’ve thought about doing a workout video with my trainer. I need to work out more than I do. But when I know I’m going to be on television or shooting a video or something, I kinda cheat and workout 3-4 times a week. When I know I had to do a video a few years ago, I did 1000 crunches every hour for 24 hours. I don’t know (if it was healthy) but it looked GREAT. I had to wear a bikini.”

Andy, hoping to snag an exclusive, asked the singer if the record “Never Should Have” from upcoming album was about her ex, rapper Nelly.  Ashanti replied, “Well, how do I answer that? I’ll just say it’s a very real record, that’s inspired by a real experience and it came from a real place,” to which Andy replied, “So, I’m gonna say YES.”

Watch Ashanti’s conversation with Andy below:

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