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Bill Maher on Republican Racism: They Hear ‘Kill Whitey’ When Obama Speaks


Racism was the main topic on this week’s Real Time With Bill Maher.

Discussions centered around Congressman Steve King’s racist comment about Hispanic immigrants and Conservatives’ reactions to President Obama’s speech following the Trayvon Martin verdict.  The consensus among Maher’s panel was that racism is still a huge problem in the U.S.

Of course, Maher made the point in his own way.

The host compared how similar Obama’s statements were to those made by Fox News talk show host Bill O’Reilly, both highlighting the issues of  young African-American men.  Maher blasted O’Reilly and the GOP for refusing to listen to what Obama actually says.

“They’re saying the same thing. ” Maher said. “As if they don’t hear what Obama says because they know what he’s thinking. They know he’s thinking, ‘kill whitey.'”

The segment also featured commentary on racism in the church by Rev. Jim Wallis and in the nation’s immigration laws by author Reza Aslan.

Watch the clip above and express your thoughts below.



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