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‘Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas,’ Episode 9: ‘I Do or I Don’t’


Tonight fans get a triple dose of “Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas.” Season one of “Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas,” Episode 9: “I Do or I Don’t” airs on WE at 9PM, followed by The Reunion Show at 10pm. After that, you can catch Remy and Rob as they embark on parenthood.

In “I Do or I Don’t,”  Chris gets cold feet and is having a hard time deciding if Melissa is still the one for him. Drama ensues when Remy gets the lowdown on Rob’s crazy night out. Meanwhile, things get emotional in the house when Porsha and Byron say goodbye.

Will the couples decide to stay together or part ways? What kind of drama will go down in The Reunion Show.  Tune in to WE tonight to find out.

Take a sneak peek below at the previews from “Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas.”

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