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Detroit Motorists Terrorized by Fake Cops Pulling Them Over and Robbing Them

As if living in a broke city is not enough to deal with, residents of Detroit have another outrageous problem to deal with: fake city cops.

Criminals impersonating police officers have reportedly become a hot new trend in the city, and residents are now being robbed at gunpoint by thugs wearing badges and bullet-proof vests. One incident on Sunday involved a couple of gas-station customers, who were pistol-whipped by men posing as cops who made off with their cash and cellphones.

In another incident, a motorist was pulled over by three men driving a Crown Victoria, a model favored by law enforcement. The crooks in uniform searched his vehicle and  took his wallet and CDs.

Detroit police have warned motorists not to stop unless a fully marked official police vehicle pulls them over. Residents should beware of random white Crown Victorias with a plug-in strobe light on top.

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