Chris Brown Accused of Shoving Fan, While Another Drops Her Panties?

Chris Brown has been accused of assaulting a 24-year-old woman in an Orange County nightclub  on the same night that another woman tossed her thong-turned-business card on stage.

When Brown’s fans began using the term “Team Breezy,” we knew the entertainment world would be in for a treat.

One member of  “Team Breezy” was partying in the same nightclub where Brown was performing, and ended her night with a knee injury after she claimed the “Fine China” crooner violently shoved her to the ground – allegedly with no provocation at all.

According to the owner of the club, however, the allegations are completely false.

“Based on the information which we have gathered from our security company, mall security, and other partygoers which were at HEAT on Saturday night; it is apparent that the alleged incident regarding Chris Brown is false,” Heat Ultra Lounge Owner Mike Joher told TMZ.

In fact, if anyone shoved the woman to the ground it seems that it was likely to have been security, not the tattooed R&B star.

According to the club owner, statements from other people at the club that night indicated that the young woman’s behavior was out of control, and she tried to push her way into Brown’s VIP section.

That’s when the self-proclaimed victim, Deanna Gines, snatched her heels off and tossed them at the security guards, witnesses said.

The police were then called to arrest the young woman, which explains why there was a police report on file saying Gines was shoved to the ground. The officers were nice enough to let her go home with her friends instead of spending the night in jail, but apparently that just wasn’t enough for the     partygoer.

The “Don’t Judge Me” singer had already taken to Twitter to deny any involvement in the assault before the club owner had been reached for comment.

“I didn’t do anything,” he posted on Twitter after asking his fans to stop feeding into fake stories.

Even the singer’s reps were confused by the situation, as they admitted they had no idea an incident had even occurred at the club that night.

Meanwhile, another Breezy fan found a much more effective way to get the R&B bad boy’s attention.

21-year-old Carol Quiroz brought a fresh thong to the club that night in anticipation of watching Brown perform and she made sure the thong was multi-functional.

Instead of just tossing any pair of undies on stage, she jotted down her name, phone number, and Instagram on the thong before giving it to Rihanna’s ex-boyfriend.

She also clarified that although the thong was sweaty, it wasn’t because she had used them.

According to Quiroz, the panties hadn’t been worn but she had been carrying them around in her bra waiting for the right moment to hand them off to Brown.

In case the rest of Team Breezy was wondering, the singer has yet to contact Quiroz. So you can all put your pitchforks down now.


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