Bikini Babes Nicole Murphy, Jada Pinkett Smith Flaunt Beach Bodies

Nicole Murphy and Jada Pinkett Smith hit the beach over the weekend were both ladies flaunted their toned beach bodies that would have even women half their age drowning in envy.

Both ladies are mothers of more than one child, but their rock hard abs and hourglass figures show no signs of past pregnancies.

Nicole Murphy is the mother of five children, but you would never guess such a thing by looking at her beach photos.

The 45-year-old fitness fanatic took to Miami on Sunday along with her 13-year-old daughter, Zola, and good friend Claudia Jordan.

The three ladies spent most of the day wading through the waters chatting it up on beach chairs along the shore.

Both mother and daughter rocked some edgy pixie cuts and halter top bikinis while they opted out of wearing any makeup for their day on the beach.

Nicole’s bikini was a chic black and white ensemble that was simple but stylish while her daughter wore a more youthful black and red striped two-piece.

Murphy flaunted her own youthful nature as well as she donned a silver hoop belly piercing and some large white-rimmed sunglasses.

While she was spotted out on the beach with fiancé Michael Strahan not too long ago, he was noticeably absent from this weekend’s outing.

Strahan was busy in New York where he films his daytime talk show “Live with Kelly and Michael.”

The adorable pair has been engaged for about four years ever since the former NFL star proposed at Disneyland in 2009.

Jada Pinkett was yet another celebrity mom who showed off her gorgeous body on the beach except she took to the opposite coast on Friday.

Smith hit the beach in Hawaii where the 41-year-old actress flaunted her stunning athletic physique in a fun white bikini with colorful straps.

The adventurous star took the time to treat herself to some surfing lessons during her time on the beach.

While Jada is usually snapped out and about on the beach with her kids, this time she seemed to be taking some major mommy time to just enjoy being by herself.

The photos of the “Madagascar” actress on the beach would make it hard for any man to not want to stay faithful to the gorgeous star, but it turns out that Jada wouldn’t be completely offended by a little bit of cheating anyway.

Will Smith’s wife recently opened up about how she thinks cheating can actually help a relationship if the other partner can just put their ego aside.

Amidst all the rumors that the Smiths have an open relationship, Jada’s latest Facebook post seems to suggesting that those rumors aren’t completely false but not completely true either.

“Should I stay with a mate after she or he has cheated on me,” is the question Jada decided to answer publicly on Facebook.

“My observation has been that when most people cheat, they are trying to solve a problem,” Smith wrote on the post. “They are usually in some kind of emotional trouble or confusion that they believed the cheating would relieve. Know this, if someone has cheated on you who truly loves you, they have hurt themselves as much as they have hurt you.”

She then explained that the cheating has then created a situation where the unfaithful partner can deepen their relationship with their mate by being honest about what happened.

If the other partner can manage to look at the bigger picture, then the relationship can flourish according to Jada.

“This is also when love gets real and true and illuminates what you are made of as a couple and as individuals,” the post continued. “Situations like these could be the windows to a deeper commitment OR… to two separate paths on the way to look for new partners. Only the unique nature of your specific relationship can be the telling factor.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean Jada wants a man who is habitually unfaithful.

“This is not referring to habitual characters,” she added. “That is a different matter.”

This comes shortly after she admitted that the only thing Will could do to make her not love him anymore is to do anything harmful to their children, Jaden and Willow.

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