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Beyonce Settles Video Game Lawsuit, Congratulates Kim and Kanye

Beyonce has finally settled an expensive lawsuit with a video game company that planned on creating an entire video game around the R&B diva. Meanwhile, Beyonce took to Twitter to congratulate Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on their baby girl.

It wasn’t along ago that Beyonce was tied up in a $100 million lawsuit with a video company that claimed Queen Bey violated her contract by backing out of the deal.

The video game company was working with the “Grown Woman” songstress on a new game called “Starpower: Beyonce” but at the last minute Baddie Bey decided she didn’t want to be involved in the project anymore.

According to legal documents filed in Manhattan, the two parties have come to an agreement although the details of the settlement won’t be disclosed to the public.

“We’ve settled amicably,” Gate Five’s lawyer, Peter Gallagher, said. “I can’t discuss the terms of the settlement, but it was resolved.”

Initially Game Five claimed that Bey’s backing out of the deal cost them a whopping $7 million in investments and over 70 people were left without jobs.

According to Beyonce’s legal team, on the other hand, Gate Five didn’t secure the necessary financing that they agreed to in the deal.

There is still no word out on whether or not the game will still be created or not.

Meanwhile, Blue Ivy’s mom took to Twitter to congratulate good friend Kanye West and his girlfriend Kim Kardashian on the birth of their baby girl.

Despite rumors that suggest Beyonce didn’t want anything to do with Kim K, the mother of one publicly congratulated Kimye on their new addition to the family.

“Congratulations Kim & Kanye,” Beyonce tweeted. “Enjoy this beautiful moment together.”

She also included an adorable pic of Kim and Kanye together smiling joyfully – which is something that Kanye doesn’t seem to do very often for the cameras.

So while there is no indication that Kim and Bey are best friends it seems as if they certainly are able to get along.

The curvaceous reality star even invited Mrs. Carter to her garden themed baby shower on June 2.


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One thought on “Beyonce Settles Video Game Lawsuit, Congratulates Kim and Kanye

  1. Sha Har says:

    Mrs. Carter did not attend said baby shower and instead, visibly, enjoyed herself around New York City. However, that is very nice of her.

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