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Kanye West Escapes Cheating Scandal as ‘Yeezus’ Prepares to Drop

Kanye West cheating scandal story has no evidence

Looks like the Kanye West cheating scandal involving Canadian model Leyla Ghobadi was all a huge publicity stunt, so Kim Kardashian can relax for now and do her best to ignore the scandalous rumors.

Many celebrities have been coming out to criticize the media for irresponsible journalism and inaccurate reporting, and it seems that Star Magazine isn’t doing much to help restore integrity.

The magazine published a story accusing West of cheating on baby mamma Kardashian with Leyla Ghobadi. However,  it was recently revealed that the Canadian model was paid for the story and didn’t even take a lie detector test.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying Kanye is the most faithful man in the world because he did cheat on Amber Rose just to get with Kimmy K. in the first place, but it seems like Leyla’s story is just a desperate attempt for some media attention.

The 36-year-old claimed she had sex with Ye on two separate occasions back in 2012 and that just a few days ago he tried to hook up with her yet again.

Kanye West sideline chick lying about cheating scandal

Well if you’re one of the many fans out there who were waiting for proof – she doesn’t have any and neither does Star Magazine.

The editor-in-chief, James Heidenry, admitted that they did not give the attention- seeking model a lie detector test because he didn’t think it was necessary.

Really? A story that could have potentially ruined a marriage and left an unborn baby fatherless before she even got to see the light of day was okay to publish without conducting a lie detector test?

Talk about poor judgment.

According to Ghobadi’s story, she met Kanye one night at a club where she accompanied him back to his hotel room. And before she knew it, they were “both naked and having sex.”

A source close to West is saying her story is not believable  because Yeezy left with his reality star boo that night.

Kanye West cheating scandal story has too many holes

“Kim left with Kanye, and her friends went to the club with her security guard, and Kim and Kanye went back to the room,” the source explained. “This girl’s story is such bull…”

Ghobadi also insisted that one night after one of his concerts Kanye sent his people to pluck her from the crowd to come backstage with him for a good time.

She should certainly be embarrassed by putting herself out there as the type of woman who would have sex with a rapper just because he sent some men to fetch for her.

Anyway, it seems she’s eager to claim fame from the fake story so she created a Twitter account to try to rush to stardom.

“Set up Twitter to show you guys what I’m really like,” she tweeted. “Not just doing this for ‘The Fame.’”

Oh… is that what you told yourself honey?

Kanye West leaves Kim K again amidst cheating scandal

Leyla claims she is exposing the truth for Kim’s sake because she felt the reality star needed to know the truth about her baby daddy, but we have some major problems with that theory.

1. If you were so concerned about Kim’s well-being why would you sleep with her man in the first place? Better yet, even if you did make a mistake on an alcohol-fueled night, why didn’t you say something about it before Kim was a month away from delivering a baby?

2. Why are you on Twitter asking people to mention your name in their tweets if they want to know the truth? If you have something to say about the situation and people really want to know, they will find out. Begging for Twitter followers and mentions is just pathetic.

3. If you just wanted Kim to know the truth before her baby was born why didn’t you… Oh, I don’t know… contact her directly? Instead, you reached out to a magazine so you could get a quick check? If the cheating rumors were true you could have easily contacted Kim and handled the matter privately.

We aren’t sure what’s going on in the world but these wanna-be-models are getting bolder and bolder every day… See what you started Karrueche Tran?

Anyway, Kanye does have some more good news to add to the fact that he hasn’t been caught cheating… yet.

His new album Yeezus has some seriously high expectations and is predicted to sell half-a-million copies during the first week.

Looks like J. Cole should have picked a different album release date after all…

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