Kordell Speaks Up: Locked Out Porsha Stewart For His Own Safety

Porsha Stewart was locked out of Kordell’s Atlanta mansion and while she claims she was never warned about her ex changing the locks, Kordell claims he did warn the reality star and only changed the locks after she abandoned him.

It’s about time we heard what Kordell has to say for himself. After surprising Porsha Stewart with divorce papers, ditching her on the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, and refusing to pay her any spousal support despite the fact that she gave up all her businesses in order to help raise his child Kordell definitely has some explaining to do.

The former NFL star claimed that only changed the locks on the home because Porsha abandoned him back in April.

“[Porsha] established a routine of leaving [the] pre-marital residence without explanation and without consideration of the detrimental effects such behavior would have on the parties’ marriage, and [Kordell’s] nine year old son,” the Civil Action File read.

It also claimed that Kordell did warn Porsha about the locks via text message.

“Hey reaching out not knowing who may or may not have keys to the house at this point, I was concerned for our safety so I changed the locks on the house,” the text message read. “If and when you need to get in give me a heads up so you can get in.”

Honestly, we don’t think this had anything to do with safety… just a grown man wanting his house back.

If he was indeed divorcing Porsha we can understand why he was fed up with her coming and going as she pleased when it wasn’t her home. Now that certainly didn’t give him the right to lock her out but we can at least see where he is coming from.

Regardless of that, however, until a judge says otherwise Porsha is still his wife and he doesn’t have the right to kick her out the home or change the locks without providing her with another key.

The legal documents also reveal that perhaps Porsha really was vanishing for days at a time because Kordell did in fact change the locks on April 2. If he changed the locks last month then why in the world did it take the reality star so long to even notice and move in with her mother?

We don’t have all the answers but something is certainly fishy here.

It seems like this is nothing more than a bitter man who is upset that he is being called out on his immature behavior and a woman who is basking the glory of playing the victim so she can get some rays of media spotlight where she otherwise would have been trapped in the darkness of Nene Leakes’s shadow.


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