Long Lost Sisters Jordan and Robin Reunite At Track Meet After 17 Years

Jordan and Robin Jeter didn’t know about each other for years, but one fateful day in January at a high school track meet in D.C. the two girls realized there was actually a reason they looked so strikingly similar.

Jordan and Robin weren’t born as twins, but it sure does look like they were.

The catch is that for most of their 17 years alive they had no idea they even had another sister in their family.

“At first I didn’t know I had any siblings,” Robin told WUSA9. “As time went on, I only thought I had one sibling. I didn’t know I had any more.”

Well she did indeed have another sibling.

The girls were born just a mere nine months apart but Jordan, the youngest of the pair, was adopted shortly after she was born.

The fact that the girls didn’t even know they had a long lost sibling is exactly what makes their chance encounter so remarkable.

The only thing that managed to reunite them was the simple fact that their teammates on their track teams noticed how much the girls looked alike.

“My teamas like, ‘She looks exactly like you,’” Jordan said to Fox News. “I started, like, crying. I already knew about my adoption and I knew my last name was Jeter.”

Robin and Jordan weren’t sold just because they looked alike. The high schoolers simply thought it was a funny coincidence until Jordan actually asked Robin what her last name was.

If her adoptive mother hadn’t decided to share the details of her adoption with her, the girls could have very easily parted ways not knowing they were looking right in the face of family.

While the girls shared many things in common, track actually wasn’t a passionate decision for both of them.

Robin, who is a senior now, joined the track team at Friendship Collegiate because she really enjoyed the sport. Jordan, on the other hand, joined the track team at Wilson High School just because she felt like it would be a great way to stay in shape. Without the track meet there is no telling when the girls would have finally met each other.

“If I wouldn’t have, I would have never met her,” Jordan said. “I’m so thankful I joined track.”

After the girls were reunited the interrogations began.

Jordan bombarded Robin with tons of questions about her birth certificate and her mom. After years of being apart from her family she was anxious to know more about them.

The more she learned, the more she realized that she and her sister had more in common than just their looks.

The high school track runners also shared the same shoe size, had double jointed thumbs, and their voices sound exactly alike.

“People can’t even tell us apart on the phone,” Robin pointed out.

The girls admitted that they have pulled off a prank of two over the phone since people couldn’t tell their voices apart but they also have more serious work at hand now that they have found each other.

Jordan and Robin plan on continuing to look for all of their lost relatives and family members and so far have managed to track down four additional siblings.


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