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Jada Pinkett Smith Dodges Open Marriage Rumors, Talks Angela Davis

Jada Pinkett Smith slams open relationship rumors again

Jada Pinkett Smith was finally able to talk about something other than her open marriage rumors and opened up about what she learned from the Angela Davis documentary, “Free Angela Davis and Other Political Prisoners.”

Jada Pinkett is quite the busy woman. In addition to being a full time mother, actress, singer-songwriter, and an all around entrepreneur, Smith is also balancing her movie making career.

She and hubby Will started Overbrook Entertainment and now the Hollywood couple is using their new business to give light to some serious issues.

The Angela Davis documentary marked the 40th anniversary of Davis’s acquittal after she appeared on the FBI’s Most Wanted List.

Being a member of the Communist Party caused her to lose her job as a teacher and be charged with murder and kidnapping back in the 1970s.

The mother of two admitted that she knew a lot about the case, but watching the documentary just opened up her eyes even more to her story.

 Jada Pinkett Smith talks about Angela Davis documentary

“I watched it and I thought I knew the Angela Davis story, and I even thought that I knew a lot about that era, and I didn’t,” the “Hawthorne” actress said. “And I was just amazed that I didn’t know more, that it was my right to have a thorough understanding of such a pivotal figure like Angela Davis and what that era was.”

Davis, who joined Smith for the interview, looked delighted as she listened on.

The Madagascar voice actress went on to explain that the film allowed her to see a side of Angela Davis that she would have never known about otherwise.

“I knew that she was a pitotal part of the movement and I knew that she was powerful and I knew that she was intelligent, but what I didn’t receive was the beauty of her feminine side, you know, and her softness, and the strength in her vulnerable nature,” Jada explained. “I’ve learned a lot just simply being in her presence in that way, knowing that even in my own experiences, to be able to obtain a perspective that allows me to allow my experiences to deepen me and broaden me and make me more and not decrease me. So I would say that has been a gift.”

Jada Pinkett isn't phased by open marriage rumors

The talk of a deeper and more broad version of herself comes as no surprise considering the way she has been using her social media platform lately.

It seems like Jada Pinkett has no problem making her opinions known on social media regardless of how the general public might feel about them.

From defending young celebrities like Justin Bieber and Rihanna to daily food for thought type of posts that she hopes her followers, friends, and fans will reflect upon she is always attempting to throw out some words of wisdom via social media.

Her latest message is for the ladies.

“One of the reasons that I did that is right now one of my very strong very focus at this point is trying to figure out how to engage women to flow power to one another,” she said after she was asked about a status that suggested white women needed to be able to hit the covers of African American magazines. “The idea is that there’s a white woman’s issue. Or there’s a black woman’s issue. There’s a Latina woman’s issue. The idea for women to understand is that if we could come together and flow each other power for issues that affect us all, that we would get a lot done…”

She also revealed that as a community we can’t be afraid to share ideas, no matter how controversial they might be because it is often those touchy subjects that need to be addressed the most.

As for those pesky open marriage rumors (that we personally still believe have a little more validity to them than Jada wants us to believe), Jada says they aren’t much more than “easy obstacles.”

Jada Pinkett Smith opens up about open marriage rumors

“They’re quite easy obstacles. When I really think about what people are going through in the world today, and dealing with people’s speculations is one thing and knowing simply that that’s all that it is,” she said before laughing. “When you’re living your truth and you understand your truth, things get very easy. They get less complicated at least, so I’m very blessed. I am very blessed, so speculations I can deal with.”

These are less of speculations and more of us remembering that famous interview hubby Will Smith gave back in 2008 where he spoke openly and candidly about their open marriage, but if you want to call it speculation Jada please be our guest.


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