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Hackers Post Financial Data of First Lady, Biden, Celebrities

File photo combination of Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Joe Biden, and Ashton KutcherThe FBI and Los Angeles Police Department are investigating hackers who posted the personal information of more than a dozen government officials and celebrities including first lady Michelle Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, rap entrepreneur Jay-Z and TV personality Kim Kardashian.

Information including social security numbers, personal phone numbers and credit reports were posted to a website using the suffix “.su,” formally belonging to the Soviet Union.

FBI Director Robert Mueller was among those listed in the hacked postings, and he confirmed that the bureau was looking into the source. LAPD Chief Charlie Beck was also a victim.

“We’ll take steps to find out who did this, and if they’re within the boundaries of the United States, we’ll prosecute them,” Beck said.

The site allegedly posted the first lady’s credit report, social security number, phone numbers, banking details and store cards.  “Blame your husband. We still love you, Michelle,” it stated.

A Twitter account posted by the site also hosted a pair of tweets in Russian. “Hello world, we are revealed. Our aim is to show you all that this is just one of a few tricks up our sleeves,” one posting read.

None of the apparent victims have commented on the reported hack. ABC News attempted to call a phone number listed for Biden, but instead reached a business in Delaware.

Other major politicians listed included  former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Entertainment stars and celebrities Beyonce, Mel Gibson, Britney Spears, Hulk Hogan, Ashton Kutcher, Paris Hilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger were the other individuals posted.

ABC News consultant Brad Garrett, a former FBI agent, commented on the possible motives behind the internet posting.

“Some hackers sort of get into brinksmanship. And they want to try to see, ‘Well, this is a well-known person, probably has a lot of security. Let’s see if I can hack through their system,” Garrett said.

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